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Thread: Assassins Creed Brotherhood

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    Default Assassins Creed Brotherhood

    Alright, so... I was messing with the AC2 codes in brotherhood and found that the infinite health code is pretty much the same. I just kept cutting off the end of the original code until I found a match. I haven't noticed any glitches, so enjoy.

    Infinite Health
    Original Pattern
    80 1F 00 58 7F C3 F3 78 90 09
    Code Pattern
    60 00 00 00 7F C3 F3 78 90 09

    Credits go to xtatu for posting the original Assassins Creed 2 code

    Edit: Extremely high falls and heavy weapons still seem to be able to kill you, if you're careless. Pretty much identical to how it works in Assassins Creed 2.
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    BLES00909 v2.03

    Apply to scimitar_final.self

    hacked by ciao1102

    Infinite Items
    OGP: 9123000C7D6307B4
    COP: 600000007D6307B4
    00002000 00F9ADC8 60000000
    Max Money On Gain
    OGP: 7C8402147F892040419C000C
    COP: 3880FFFF7F892040419C000C
    00002000 00FA0708 3880FFFF

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