New Infractions set in place this is how u will end up ban..
Note: Infractions will be under Review as well if we find that what u did needs more infraction points we will give u them ..
Note: Points do go away as long as u are following the rules .

Levels (THis is how u gain points)
1 Point = Spammed Advertisement
1 Point = Insulted other Member(s)
1 Point = Signature Rule Violation
1 Point = Inappropiate Language
1 Point = Not Using Search and Posting a Thread thats already made
2 Point = Demanding Codes
10 Points = Mouthing off at Mods/Admins

Groups u will be placed into when u get said points ..
User Infraction Groups
6 Points our Greater = Illiterate User


Automatic Ban After getting so many Points or Gaining to many infractions ..
10 Points = 2day Ban
20 Points = 5day ban
300 Infractions = Perm Ban

Note this could be changing over the next few days ..
Mods do try to start using this intead of just banning users thanx.

keep up the good work guys