News Item: : Max Codelist Manager 2.0
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Posted by Skiller
Wednesday 05 March 2008 - 06:33:17

Our Friend over at Mirality has Added more to his Maxcode list viewer.. Something that All Armax Users have wanted.. This is semi old news.. He did this just before the New Year.
If u wants full Details go to his site. For the Low down Read Below..

the all new Max Codelist Manager 2.0 u can View the Codelist.bin that u have taken out of your Armax Save file .. And Look at what games u have on it and even delete some that u don’t want on there, Simple. But here is what people have been waiting for. Can I add individual codes? Hell YA (Read his site for more info on this)

So let all them Armax users go get them self an easy way to add new codes to their codelists..
His site:

Download from his site or get it from here
Download Program

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