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Its been a long time since we seen a update to the Maxconvert.
well Guess what has Happen the program went threw a overhaul and came out with a new name and a junk load of new features.

which include the Ability to make Code saves(GS), User.bin(Armax), Day1 (CB) if u don’t know what them are there the Code update files for each divice ..
it can convert every Encryption/Decrypt (Cheat Divice) that is out for the Ps2..
Can Build Folders/Dividers for the divices ..
can convert from one Divice Directly to the next. (it will tell u if it cant convert the code)

Its by far the ultimite in PS2 Code Converters .. if u don’t have this and ur convert codes well then ur living the hard life :P Omniconvert

“There can be only one” Highlander

Download its on the forum but will be put onto the site soon ..
Download Omniconvert

Posted by: Skiller on Sunday 20 April 2008 - 08:33:31 | Comments are turned off for this item

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