Happy Turkey Dayemail to someone | printer friendly
Happy Turkey Day!
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Posted by: GMO on Friday 24 November 2006 - 00:07:32 | comments: 1

Updatesemail to someone | printer friendly
We have a new member to the CMP Staff, Hiei-YYH but some of you seen him around as Urusblugo. Welcome to the team.

Added Rathlar's Joker It and Code Condense to the PS2 Tool Section.

GBA section has been picking up in the forums, but tkaing our time moving it to the main site. Labmaster's The GBA Cheat Code Hacking Primer Series has been backed up aswell.
Posted by: GMO on Tuesday 31 October 2006 - 15:06:03 | comments: 1

Final Fantasy Realmemail to someone | printer friendly
Going around the net looking for Final Fanasty Answers I came across a website that had almost everything you can think of. Ranging in all FF Games (including all FF Series) it covered the movies and anime aswell. I think its a great all around Final Fantasy Site

[ image disabled ]

I hope to see you there!
Posted by: GMO on Monday 23 October 2006 - 17:29:02 | comments: 3

How a Cheat Engine Worksemail to someone | printer friendly
Driver from cYs Team has release a package including an open source of his own cheat device. Thanks for the great contribution to the scene, i bet it will take off. FOr More Info check out >This Thread<
Posted by: GMO on Friday 13 October 2006 - 16:43:43 | comments: 3

PSP: cwcheat 0.1.5email to someone | printer friendly
This new version permits to anyone to translate cwcheat to another language (you just need to put the language file you want in ms0:/dh/cwcheat.lng)
Not only that but thanks to a lot of optimizations now the file is less big than before also with the new functionality
finally there is a fix which permits to apply 32bit costant write also to adresses which aren't power of 4, the ability to swap O X buttons, a menu reorganization and other things
Includes English, French, and Italian!

For More InFo and Download Check out > Click Here <
Posted by: GMO on Friday 06 October 2006 - 20:16:21 | comments: 0

What Happened This Month?email to someone | printer friendly
Update 3 GBA guides on the Main site Quick Level Up, Item Modifer & Quanities, and Finding In-Game Cheats.

It seems that Datel has finally made a cheat device for the Ninendo DS, that comes bundled with Trainer software.
for more info and prices check out Codejunkies

Source: CodeJunkies US

In the PSP scene, board member Waltell2 released Cwcheat 0.1.3
see Board for Details >CLick Here<

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In PS2, Rathlar released to apps Code Condensor and Joker It
Posted by: GMO on Thursday 28 September 2006 - 13:17:49 | comments: 0

Wizard World Chicago 2006email to someone | printer friendly
This past weekend (actually yesterday at 5 it ended) The Wizard World Tour hit Chicago, and we had to be there in a big way so with a little self promoting and 50 bucks i got the advance tickets and host my own mini SOCOM tourney at the Playstation booth, The 1st Place winner got a PSP and 2nd place winner got a You Suck T-shirt, everyone else got a white Playstation X Triangle Square Circle T-Shirt for Participating. Everone got a chance to see a sneak peak NOT FOR PUBLIC demo of The Darkness for Xbox 360 and PS3 (they wouldnt let me take pics of it, not even with my cell phone) and everyone got to test the beta version of Ghost Rider Movie TOG, i got the fastest time for beating the demo so i got alot of The Darkness crap include the First Issue of The Darkess, and Limited Edition The Darkness Cover, a Darkness Bandana, and the rights to tell the promoters they suck cause it took them 18:15 minutes to beat the demo when it took me 9:25 mins plus i got the highest ranking on the demo! The game is GREAT! Its has the feel of Devil May Cry, it has the look fo Castlevania (especially sinc in Castlevania yo use a whip, and in ghost rider you use a chain), but the best part is... all the moves/combos flow together like Prince of Persia 2! I'll post more info in the forums.

Posted by: GMO on Monday 07 August 2006 - 18:48:01 | comments: 0

again......email to someone | printer friendly
Please do NOT request codes (including converting and porting codes) in comments or our guestbook at the main page.

It is a pain in the ass to delete them all and you will never get the answer you want.

You can do requests in our Forum or just have fun there......

Posted by: UCF-Codemaster on Sunday 06 August 2006 - 13:43:53 | comments: 0

plagiarism!!email to someone | printer friendly
A certain individual, "gunlook" , has uploaded three of my movies, Super Mario64: Who let the dogs out, Zelda: Triforce and Mario's Matrix II on YouTube.com;

This alone would not be a bad thing, no, that's called "publicity" - but this guy did not simply avoid to explain that it was not him who made the movies, but instead, he explicitely claims to be it's author as well as the creator of the codes being used!!

(umm except for the "Zelda: Triforce"-movie, there he doesn't say anything)

On one of the comments "Keep the videos coming!" he simply answered "i will keep it up bro";

And quoting his author's comment on "Who let the dogs out":
"well i did something weird with the hexadeciaml and created this affect".


I am most certainly not amused.

[ Read the rest ... ]
Posted by: UltramasterBDJ on Tuesday 01 August 2006 - 23:42:53 | comments: 5

new movieemail to someone | printer friendly
Just upped a new movie, Enter the Matrix: Bullets... Lots of bullets...

Well, have fun!
Posted by: UltramasterBDJ on Wednesday 05 July 2006 - 21:08:42 | comments: 1

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