Playstation 2
Max Codelist Manager 2.0
Author mirality
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Description NOTE: it requires the Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0
At its heart the program merges codelists together. You can selectively enable and disable custom codelists (to prevent them being included in the merge), but you cannot disable the official codelist. This in turn means that you cannot prevent a code in the official codelist from appearing in your final codelist except by excluding the entire game that contains it -- although you can tweak it by renaming it or changing the order in which it appears.
In addition, some of the features of MCM require an external component (the "decryption engine") in order to operate. Without the engine, MCM will fall back to simpler functionality. Specifically, the following features will not be available:
the structured view of a game (showing folders and indicating which are exclusive)
the ability to add new games or codes
the ability to edit the code lines (ie. make it do something different), although you can still rename or move the code
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Date Wednesday 05 March 2008 - 06:08:22
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