Playstation 2
Author Pyriel
Description The first Tool which find automatic Mastercodes, PAL2NTSC, Y-Fix, Y-Fix2, X-Fix, X-Fix2, Skip Movies
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Date Sunday 08 January 2006 - 11:57:06
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CodeSeekGamimidez | 18 Aug : 05:57

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How transform Digital Devil Saga 2 PAL/UK to NTSC with Y-fix. I tried with 16, but continues the problem.

CodeSeekåkã¹²º | 04 Sep : 10:54

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Wicked program Pyriel, CodeSeek found master codes for my NTSC games in no time at all... great work!!!!!!!!
:) really great stuff..

Hope to see this software grow and continue to evolve into big things...

Thanks mate!

CodeSeekAnonymous | 22 Nov : 23:52

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just wondering does it do it for ps2 ntsc

CodeSeekZephyer | 29 Nov : 15:17

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Is there an update for this soon?

CodeSeekiyeru42 | 01 Oct : 21:37

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It says you included FFX-2, but you didn't. Shame on you.

CodeSeekStyfler | 25 Jan : 00:04

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I tried it on my MGS3 Snake Eater and I got a couple of master code potentials tried them all various different ways. Could someone help me. I finally understand how to decrypt my codes. I just can't seem to come up with a decent master code.

CodeSeekStyfler | 29 Jan : 15:42

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Turns out MGS# is a special case. I purchased me a new gameshark and I want to know if anyone has any hot coffee codes for the new Gameshark 2. It would be greatly appreciated.

CodeSeekStyfler | 29 Jan : 15:44

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Whoops! I for got to mention the hot coffee codes for GTA San Andreas that is. Sorry about that.

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