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TLB Mastercodes

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Find a 'blr' address (4E800020) that is constantly being executed.
The blr at the end of the section that reads the Joker address is a good choice. Just place breakpoint-read's on the Joker address and keep going until a 'normal' address is 'hit.' (ie. an address that doesn't start with 7F) Trace the ASM until you find a 'blr' instruction. That is the point you want to branch from.
Alternatively, you can just find a 'blr' that, when you place a breakpoint execute on it, consistently gets a 'hit.
For both of these, it will come somewhere after 80003100 in memory.
Once you have that 'blr' address, subtract 80002F10 from it. Take that new value and subtract it from 4C000000. This will be the value you use to replace the 'blr' instruction (4E800020).
So, you have the address of the blr and the new value to place there.

TLB Master Code Template
04002F10 3C608000
04002F14 80832F40
04002F18 28040000
04002F1C 41820014
04002F20 28049424
04002F24 41820014
04002F28 80A32F44
04002F2C 90A40000
04002F30 38630008
04002F34 4BFFFFE0
04002F38 4E800020
04002FF8 00009424
4Cxxxxxx 4E800020
00002F10 0000E800
04xxxxxx yyyyyyyy

For xxxxxx, place the last six numbers/letters from the address.
For yyyyyyyy, place the value you get after subtracting from 4C000000.
Encrypt with your Game ID and region, and you have a TLB Master Code!
The last three lines of your code would be

4C005388 4E800020
00002F10 0000E800
04005388 4BFFDB88

To use a code with this game, write the 7F address to write to into an address that ends with 0 or 8 between 80002F40 and 80002FF0 (e.g. 04002F40, 04002F48, 04002F50, etc.). Write the value you want to write to the 7F address to on an address that ends with 4 or C between 80002F44 and 80002FF4 (e.g. 04002F44, 04002F4C, 04002F54, etc.).

Say you want to write the value 38030000 to 7FC39C9C. (ie. 7FC39C9C 38030000)

Your code could be

04002F40 7FC39C9C
04002F44 38030000

Q: What is a TLB Master Code?
A: A TLB (Trans Lookaside Buffer) Master Code is necessary for Action Replay codes on a GameCube game when breakpoint reads and/or writes yield addresses like 7Fxxxxxx. This means that a normal AR write won't work for that code and a TLB Master Code is needed.

Q: Do all games need a TLB Master Code?
A: No. Only games where a breakpoint read or write yields addresses like 7Fxxxxxx.

Q: Why does a TLB Master Code allow me to do writes that AR codes don't?
A: The TLB Master Code functions by using the GameCube's internal method to write values (stw, stb, etc.) to write the values you want to the addresses you want. These internal methods (ASM) can recognize and correctly apply the values to addresses like 7Fxxxxxx.

Q: What games need a TLB Master Code for some of their writes?
A: Known games (to me) as of July 23, 2004:

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike

Very special thanks to Parasyte for basically providing the template with Metal Gear Solid: TTS, and for posting the disassembled version of his code at GSCentral. Thanks to JAY007 for confirming with Parasyte that only the address to branch from is needed to port the TLB Master Code.

Main part of the TLB Master Code format disassembled:
(Modified from Parasyte at GSCentral)

#TLB Master Code
lis r3,0x8000

lwz r4,0x2F40(r3)
cmplwi r4,0
beq next
cmplwi r4,0x9424
beq end
lwz r5,0x2F44(r3)
stw r5,0x0000(r4)

addi r3,r3,8
b loop


Written By: Donny2112

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