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First we have to know what Digit and what String a PAL2NTSC Code has.
00069403 sra s2, a2, 16
24020001 addiu v0, zero, $0001

Need to know how to make a Pattern?
--> Click Here <--

Now finding...
First we go to the option "Find Pattern" and enable option " as Hex - String".
Write there 0394060001000224
Then click OK

This is our PAL2NTSC Code.
We only have to change the Digit into
24120002 for PAL2NTSC
24120003 for NTSC2PAL/ NTSCj2PAL

Final Fantasy X PAL

002d98e0 00069403 sra s2, a2, 16

The Code runs in 32 Bytes so we have to change the first number into a 2! Furthermore we change the Digit into 24120002

202d98e0 24120002

Using Labels (sceGsResetGraph)

Keep in mind the values
24120002 PAL
24120003 NTSC/j

Conflict Desert Storm PAL
Jump to label sceGsResetGraph
Locate the address with 00069403 sra s2, a2, 16
002c9690 00069403 sra s2, a2, 16
Keep the address and delete the value
002C9690 xxxxxxxx

Fill in the value with the right value 24120002

Final Code
202C9690 24120002

More Examples:
Conflict Desert Storm 2 PAL
002CBB20 00069403 sra s2, a2, 16

Final Code
202CBB20 24120002

The Getaway PAL
0030EAF0 00069403 sra s2, a2, 16

Final Code
2030EAF0 24120002

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