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[1 MOVIE] F-Zero GX (2601 kmh)

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These movies are from my website

You may simply download them, using the direct link, or visit the specific subpage on my website for further information (e.g. Codes).
Of course you can also download it from there. :p
Sometimes there are even mirrors.

Also, I would appreciate to receive some feedback for my movies,
there is a commentary-area as well as a vote in every movie's subpage.

F-Zero GX - "2601 km/h" - by UltramasterBDJ

direct link (UCF-Codemaster was so kind to let me host this giant file on the CMP-server)
More Information
(code by Y.S. from
(mild explicit audio)

Remember "Zelda: The Wind Waker - Hyper-Travel-Express Extreme",
"Burnout 2 Ultimate Crash", "F-Zero X 2500km/h", "Wario Ware: Pure Chaos",
"Shadow the Hedgehog: Chaos Control to the eXtreme"?


Are you ready for a rollercoaster ride, a lot faster than the speed of sound?

WARNING: I highly doubt this movie would be suitable for epileptics or people suffering
from motion sickness - I SERIOUSLY doubt it.

Also, there could be a slight chance you might get a headache when watching this... dunno.

Well, I don't, but I once even played 7 hours of this stuff straight to get the material for this movie :p
It's also my longest movie to date, as well as the movie with the largest filesize... sorry, that had to be, otherwise the quality would have awkwardly decreased due to the extreme speeds.
(There are already some slow downs in the movie - and those aren't from the game, but from the movie's compression!)

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