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How To Convert GameSaves (Devices)

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How To Convert GameSaves (Devices)
The Reason for this guide to to show you how to convert YOUR own gamesaves into different Cheat Device formats (ex: Codebreaker2, Gamesharkv3+, & Max Drive). And we will also mention a classic Converting method for the OLD SCHOOL Sharkport v1(Interact) to Xport v1(Datel).

- PS2 Save Builder (
- Game Saves

This is really Easy! All you do is open your Save in Ps2 Save Builder, i\\\'ll use one of my Final Fantasy X saves which is in CBS format and you\\\'ll see it in the following pic

Click File, then Click \\\"Save As\\\" you\\\'ll see the next menu

Click Save as Type and pick which format you want
.max MaxDrive
.pws AR2 Max powerSave (non supported by GameFags!)
.npo NpOrt
.sps Sharkpor2 V1 (Interact)
.xps Xport2 (Datel)
.p2m Xploder v4 Pro
.md Sharkport (Madcats)

Enjoy the Saves of the World

OLD School SPS to XPS
When Interact stop its US distribution of the Gameshark, All their Employees (GS Hackers CodeBoy, FNG, etc. went to work at Datel in Flordia, Datel is the UK distribution of Action Replay) Yes GameShark is just the US version of Action Replay. Sharkport just came out but had to be changed since GameShark was being sold to a new owner (MadCats) What to do with all the gamesaves? Make a single change in the extension and turn all .sps extensiosn to .xps extensions. Thats all! Nothing more to it, so I dont want anymore emails about it!

Written By the Codemasters-Project Team
How To Convert GameSaves (Devices)hey | 08 Jul : 02:52

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for my gameshark gamecodes broadband enabled 2 v5 do i need to use a .xps or a .p2m file...
is it even possible to do it with my version?

How To Convert GameSaves (Devices)Guest | 22 Mar : 09:53

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How do I convert memory saves like .max to .ps2 so I can use them on pcsx2?

How To Convert GameSaves (Devices)Guest | 12 Apr : 16:04

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how do you convert them to .cbc (codebraker v.9.2)

I have code for CDv9.2 but there in .txt format...I want to save them into .cbc format (codebreaker) Anyone tell me please???

How To Convert GameSaves (Devices)Mysterious Stranger | 23 Jan : 21:20

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If you have a Gameshark Version 1.3 you need gamesaves saved as .ps2 files. Simply choose the .md Sharkport (MadCats) option above and rename the file to .ps2

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