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How To Convert GameSaves (Region Port)

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How To Convert GameSaves (Region Port)

Note: THIS WILL NOT ALWAYS WORK! It\'s a good 50/50 shot

-PS2 Save Builder
-a GameSave for each region who want to port the save to

As an example i\'ll use my Samurai Warriors (NTSC) CBS save and port it over to pal.
First I need a UK save to get the Root ID file name which is BESLES-52554XXXXXXXX

I am going to copy \"BESLES-52554XXXXXXXX\" to my clip board.
Open up my NTSC save

replace BASLUS-20878XXXXXXXX with BESLES-52554XXXXXXXX both in Root/ID and in the files

Now Click File, then Click \"Save As...\" and pick any format you want to save it to. The GameSave World is YOURS!
IF you dont understand this, then obviouslyyou need to read it again, because this is the most straight forward bluntness you are every going to see!

Written By Codemasters-Project Team
and Thanks goes out to bfoos for Confirming then method works
How To Convert GameSaves (Region Port)bfoos | 19 May : 12:40

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Save region porting has a much higher success rate than 50/50. It's probably colser to 99% when converting between NTSC U/C and PAL. Might be considerably lower when converting to and from NTSC J.

Also, the images aren't showing up. Perhaps HTML tags would me more appropriate in the articles than BBcode?

How To Convert ArMax codes(region port)absolom | 30 May : 08:21

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How To Convert ArMax codes between pal and NTSC U/C version?

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