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Making a JAL for your Function (FNC_)

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Pretty simple, all you need is to find your function and divide it by 4.
The add 0C at the beginning of it. That's all. Lost?
I thought you would be.

I'll use Final Fantasy X (German)
First i'll locate the functions

002DEEF8 sceMcInit
002DF708 sceMcWrite
002DF8F8 sceMcSync
002DF258 sceMcOpen
002DF3C8 sceMcClose

i'll start with sceMcInit
002DEEF8/4= 000B7BBE
000B7BBE becomes XX0B7BBE
Replace XX with 0C

200A0014 0C0B7BBE

002DF708/4= 000B7DC2 = 0C0B7DC2
002DF8F8/4= 000B7E3E = 0C0B7E3E
002DF258/4= 000B7C96 = 0C0B7C96
002DF3C8/4= 000B7CF2 = 0C0B7CF2

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