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Decrypting CBA Codes

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Decrypting CBA Codes

You'll Need two (2) things
1. The game Codes that are encrypted
2. CBA Crypt, you can find at gscentral if it's not down
(it might be mirrored here some day)

Decrypting is easy with CBA Crypt, just remember to have a space
before the last for digits of each line.

The codes i will used are for
Castlevania 2-Concerto Of The Midnight Sun (Japanese)
and the codes are by Likk

Enable Code (Must Be On)
946AB4E2 AB57
44C9B060 1809
FF9AD7E0 B075

Infinite Money
3DD55D14 0F42

Infinite HP
8F0EFFA4 3734

Max HP
032EC7A6 D11A

Infinite MP
DD08FB20 7534

Max MP
5128C322 931A

If you noticed i did'nt put a space in the code for
Infinite MP
It's important that you put a space! Especially in the Enabler Codes!
cause you can have the spaes in the codes and not the Enabler
Code so your codes wont go to raw. :(

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