Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas

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GMO, Azagthoth0677, Misfire, Skiller, Psy, HF*, Tpcc, Mushroomhead439, Fugitive, Fullcodes, Gameshark, Codebreaker, Codejunkies

Testers: Thanks to all the Testers as well . with out u ppl we would not know if the codes worked right icon_smile.gif thank u

Special thanks To Pyriel For Teaching me and helping me with the folders :)
And to darkelgta3 for helping me with the Pal Converts

-=This Database of codes has been put to gather using all the above ppl codes. I Skiller have decided to put the codes into one big Database to make it allot easier to find. If posted on any other forums leave this with it. so ppl know who and where it came from (GTA SA Database) **SKILLER** =-

PS thanks to all are hackers icon_smile.gif and to all are testers Keep up the good work Skiller out

-=Pal UK ARMAX=-

Updated on Jan 01/2005
Still Under Construction
Misc Codes to Joker Codes done
All the Active cheats all put up the Drop codes later

M(M)Armax J936-6RN2-R5UH4

For Those of u that don't have a Cheat device here are all the Button Codes to date
Click here for Button Cheats

Code Titles
-=Misc Codes=- 29 Codes
-=Never Explode Codes=- 5 Codes
-=Cheat Active Codes=- 261 Codes
-=Infinite Codes=- 7 Codes
-=Ammo Codes=- 5 Codes
-=Traffic Codes=- 10 Codes
-=Joker Codes=- 15 Codes
-=Disabler Codes=- 11 Codes
-=Missions Codes=- 4 Codes
-=Mission Mods=- 5 Codes
-=Invisible Codes=- 5 Codes
-=Gravity codes=- 3 Codes
-=Wanted Level Codes=- 10 Codes
-=Weather Codes=- 1 Codes
-=Time Codes=- 5 Codes
-=Rank Codes=- 2 Codes
-=Speed Codes=- 5 Codes
-=Player Stats Codes=- 25 Codes
-=Money Stats Codes=- 14 Codes
-=Weapons Stats Codes=- 16 Codes
-=Crimes Stats Codes=- 30 Codes
-=Gangs Stats Codes=- 16 Codes
-=Achievement Stats Codes=- 41 Codes
-=Mission Stats Codes=- 78 Codes
-=Misc Stats Codes=- 9 Codes
-=Car Mods:  Garage=- 41 Codes
-=Radar Codes=- 62 Codes
-=The Scraps=- 9 Codes
(???? codes total)