-=Misc Codes=-

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1Faster Loading -=Credit: GMO=- 2053C258 03e00008
2053C25C 00000000 
2Never Lose Weapons When Busted/Wasted 201997F0 03E00008
201997F4 00000000
3Police Boat Guns On All Boats -=Credit: Psy/TPCC=- 20160710 14000003
4All Vehicles Have No Drivers -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=- 2016B7E0 03E00008
2016B7E4 00000000
5Nitro Boost (Bikes) -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=- 20326D74 00000000
6Nitro Boost (Cars) -=Credit: HF*/TPCC2014BC00 00000000
7Import/Export Garage Complete -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=-
Note: Property must be bought first. Ported from the GFCC's GTA3 U.S. code
1080D8C0 0000FFFF
1080D8C4 0000FFFF
1080D8C8 0000FFFF
1080D8CC 0000FFFF
8Free Bombs -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=-
Note: Ported from the GFCC's GTA3 U.S. code
0066C00C 00000001
9Free Re-sprays -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=-
Note: Ported from the GFCC's GTA3 U.S. code
0066C010 00000001
10Tires Never Pop (Motorcycles) -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=- 2032CBA0 03E00008
2032CBA4 00000000
11Tires Never Pop (Cars) -=Credit: Fugitive/Tpcc=- 20162588 00000000
12More Car Colors (In Particular Cop Cars)
2014165C 00000000
13Cardboard Cut-Out On Bikes -=Credit: Psy/Tpcc=- 2010FC98 00000000
14Ghost World -=Psy/Tpcc=- 2010FC08 00000000
15No Doors On Cars -=Credit: Fugitive/Tpcc=- 20145518 00000000
16Fire truck Props on Boats -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=-
Note: You cannot see the fire hose, but it is there.
20160710 00000000
20160718 0C0C0D1C
17Shadow Vehicles -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=- 10392094 00000000
18Only Your Car Is Immune To Weapons -=Credit: misfire=-2016A504 00000000
1016A568 00000202
19Only Your Car Receives No Damage From Collisions -=Credit: misfire=- 20146A2C 00000000
20146A40 00000000
20Take No Damage From Falling From High Places
-=Credit: misfire=-
20196694 00000000
21Super Molotov  -=Credit: Fugitive=- 2012e9bc 24A57968 
22Flaming Spray can -=Credit: Fugitive=- 2013efd8 24A57968 
23Super Car Xplosion -=Credit: Fugitive=- 2012FF78 24A577E0
24More Boat Colors -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=- 2015EDF8 00000000
25More Motorcycle Colors -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=- 2032312c 00000000
26More Train Colours -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=- 202b487c 00000000
27No Visual Car Damage -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=-
Note: Ported from the GFCC's GTA: VC U.S. code
201629F0 03E00008
201629F4 00000000
28Invisible Sky (Cool ) -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=-202EDCD0 03E00008
202EDCD4 00000000
29All Vehicles Have Fire truck Props -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=-2014B414 00000000

(29 codes total)