-=Joker Codes=-

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1Freeze Timer (L1+ L2) Restart (R1+R2) D07009C2 0000FAFF
20293094 00000000
D07009C2 0000F5FF
20293094 0c0a4b24
2Walk Through Walls (L1+L2 = On, R1+R2 = Off)
-=Credit: Psy/TPCC=-
D07009C2 0000FAFF
20123bcc 00000000
D07009C2 0000F5FF
20123bcc 0c0c8a38
3Low Gravity Select+up=Active
Very Low Gravity Select+Right=Active
Deactivate Codes Select+Left=Inactive
-=Credit: Codejunkies and Skiller=-
D07009C2 0000FFEE
1024e374 00003B00
D07009C2 0000FFDE
1024e374 00003A00
D07009C2 0000FF7E
2024e374 3c023c03
4Ignite Vehicles -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=-
(Assign the same button(s) for each joker line)
Note: Hold the assigned button(s) for up to 10 seconds. Ported from Dark Agent's GTA3 U.S. code.
D07009C2 0000???? (Enable)
201466E8 00000000
D07009C2 0000???? (Enable)
201466E8 4500002B
5Jokered Walk/Swim/Drive/Fly thru Anything
-=Credit: HF*/TPCC=-
D07009C2 0000???? (Enable)
20123D0C 00000000
D07009C2 0000???? (Disable)
20123D0C 24420001
6Jokered Boat Guns on Motorcycles (Press O)
-=Credit: HF*/TPCC=-
Note: I'm still trying to figure out how to get the motorcycles to ride with the code active
D07009C2 0000???? (Enable)
2065C850 0013DD30
D07009C2 0000???? (Disable)
2065C850 003251F0
7Jokered Guns on Bicycles (Press O ) -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=-
Note: Still working on it
D07009C2 0000???? (Enable)
2065D700 0013DD30
D07009C2 0000???? (Disable)
2065D700 003DAF60
8Jokered 4x4 Suspension Vehicles -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=- D07009C2 0000???? (Enable)
201421F8 00000000
D07009C2 0000???? (Disable)
201421F8 46020840
9Jokered Never Lose Your Vehicle -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=- D07009C2 0000???? (Enable)
20243710 00000000
D07009C2 0000???? (Disable)
20243710 0C071664
10Jokered Constant Eclipse -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=- D07009C2 0000???? (Enable)
20666CC8 FFFF0000
D07009C2 0000???? (Disable)
20666CC8 3F800000
11Jokered Neon Light Mode -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=- D07009C2 0000???? (Enable)
20666CD8 BF800000
D07009C2 0000???? (Disable)
20666CD8 3F800000 
12Screenshot Freezeframe Mode -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=- D07009C2 0000???? (Enable)
0066BAAC 00000001
D07009C2 0000???? (Disable)
0066BAAC 00000000
13Jokered Super Nitro Boost for Cars -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=- (X+O: On, X+[] : Off) E0029FFF 007009C2
2014BC00 00000000
20166680 00000000
E0023FFF 007009C2
2014BC00 46022018
20166680 46002002
14Jokered Super Nitro Boost for Motorcycles+Bicycles -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=-
(X+O: On, X+[] : Off)
E0029FFF 007009C2
20326D74 00000000 
20166620 00000000
E0023FFF 007009C2
20326D74 46022018 
20166620 46002002 
15L3: Lock Your Door/R3: Unlock it -=Credit: HF*/TPCC= D07009C2 0000FFFD
2016BD30 14000004
D07009C2 0000FFFB
2016BD30 14620004
Note: Some Codes Ported from the GFCC's GTA: VC U.S. code

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