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 Well if u are here u know what u are looking for codes below.. remember u are using the fallowing codes using your own FreewillNote on code there is a box u get Stuck in after the mini-game u have to kill your self to get out of it .. lol
1Normal game 206B337C 00000001
2HotCoffie/Sex Mini-Game  V1.0 "Standard half naked chicks"206B337C 00000000
3HotCoffie/Sex Mini-Game V2.0 "Full ver Nude + Mod"
-=Skiller and Friends=-
4HotCoffie/Sex Mini-Game V2.0 Mod Activator
Note: if u use this code u have to pick one of the below models .. Have fun
200C0400 8E430014
200C0404 10600001
200C0408 24630001
200C040C 3C02000C
200C0410 90410440
200C0414 A0610000
200C0418 24420001
200C041C 1420FFFC
200C0420 24630001
200C0424 0807DC80
200C0428 00000000
2030CD8C 0C030100
206B337C 00000000
5Denise Naked200C0440 474e4147
200C0444 00314c52
6Denise Half Naked200C0440 474e4147
200C0444 00324c52
7Denise Clothed200C0440 474e4147
200C0444 00334c52
8Michelle Naked200C0440 4743454d
200C0444 00314c52
9Michelle Half Naked 200C0440 4743454d
200C0444 00324c52
10Michelle Clothed200C0440 4743454d
200C0444 00334c52
11Helena Naked200C0440 474e5547
200C0444 00314c52
12Helena Half Naked200C0440 474e5547
200C0444 00324c52
13Helena Clothed200C0440 474e5547
200C0444 00334c52
14Barbara Naked200C0440 47504f43
200C0444 00314c52
15Barbara Half Naked200C0440 47504f43
200C0444 00324c52
16Barbara Clothed200C0440 47504f43
200C0444 00334c52
17Katie Naked200C0440 4752554e
200C0444 00314c52
18Katie Half Naked200C0440 4752554e
200C0444 00324c52
19Katie Clothed200C0440 4752554e
200C0444 00334c52
20Millie Naked200C0440 474f5243
200C0444 00314c52
21Millie Half Naked200C0440 474f5243
200C0444 00324c52
22Millie Clothed200C0440 474f5243
200C0444 00334c52
 Other Models 
23Maddogg200C0440 6464616d
200C0444 0067676f
24Janitor200C0440 696e616a
200C0444 00726f74
25Paul200C0440 6c756170
200C0444 00000000
26Maccer 200C0440 6363616d
200C0444 00000061
27GTA 3 guy Claude 200C0440 75616c63
200C0444 00006564
28Officer Pulaski200C0440 616c7570
200C0444 00696b73
29Johnny Sindacco200C0440 646e6973
200C0444 006f6361
30Smoke200C0440 6b6f6d73
200C0444 00000065
31Ogloc200C0440 6f6c676f
200C0444 00000063
32Ryder200C0440 65647972
200C0444 00000072
33Ryder2200C0440 65647972
200C0444 00003272
34Cesar200C0440 61736563
200C0444 00000072
35Truth200C0440 74757274
200C0444 00000068
36T Bone Mendez200C0440 6e6f6274
200C0444 00000065
37Officer Tenpenny200C0440 706e6574
200C0444 00006e65
38Smoke bulletproof vest 200C0440 6b6f6d73
200C0444 00007665
39Ken Rosenburg200C0440 65736f72
200C0444 00000000
40Officer Hernandez 200C0440 6e726568
200C0444 00000000
41Dwayne200C0440 79617764
200C0444 0000656e
42Jethro200C0440 6874656a
200C0444 00006f72
43Sweet200C0440 65657773
200C0444 00000074
44Catalina200C0440 00746163
200C0444 00000000
45Big Bear200C0440 00006262
200C0444 00000000
46Big Bear thin 200C0440 68746262
200C0444 00006e69
47Jizzy200C0440 7a7a696a
200C0440 00000079
48Toreno200C0440 69726f74
200C0444 00006f6e
49Wu Zi Mu200C0440 697a7577
200C0444 0000756d

(49 codes total)