-=Weapon Mods=-

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1 Range Weapons Have Hells Bullets Mod -=Credit: Skiller N' HF*=-
Shoot Anything and Instant Destruction of it
???????2 00001111
2 Range Weapons Have Heavens Bullets Mod -=Credit: Skiller N' HF*=-
If u like not killing thing Fast u will love this code
???????2 0000FFFF
3 Range Weapons Clip Mod -=Credit: Skiller N' HF*=-
This will mod the amount your Clip Holds also Counts towards your reloading Faze..
???????0 00000099
4 All Range Weapons Are 2 Handed -=Credit: Skiller N' HF*=-
Some Strange things with Guns u handle with  both hands.
???????8 0000####
5 All Range Weapons Max Target Range -=Credit: Skiller N' HF*=-
Now u can target people on the moon
406889B4 0035001C
497423F0 00000000
6 All Range Weapons Max  Range -=Credit: Skiller N' HF*=-
Now U can also shoot to the moon
406889B8 0035001C
497423F0 00000000
7 All Range Weapons Max Accuracy -=Credit: Skiller N' HF*=-
Head Shots from Really Really Far
406889E8 0035001C
43C80000 00000000
8 All Range Weapons Max Move Speed -=Credit: Skiller N' HF*=-
How fast u move when in Weapon Stance
406889EC 0035001C
43C80000 00000000
9 Nuclear Explosions(Everything) -=Credit: Doug Quaid/GFCC=-
*Leave this line out for less of an explosion
084=Everything is Molotov Explosion and has no blast
1d6=Everything is a large explosion
0012e630 00000000
2012e634 10000???
0012e638 00000000

2012ed90 3c0242c8*
2012ed98 3c024461
10 Nuclear Rockets -=Credit: Doug Quaid/GFCC=- 2012ea30 2c0242c8
2012ea38 3c024461
(10 codes total)