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1Vigilante Mission Mod
Get in a Police Vehicle and push R3
006C5295 000000??
006C53B8 000000??
2Paramedic Mission Mod
Get in an Ambulance and push R3
006C4E95 000000??
006C4F4D 000000??
3Firefighter Mission Mod
Get in a Fire truck and push R3
006C5066 000000??
006C511E 000000??
4Pimping Mission Mod
Get in a Broadway and push R3
006C599D 000000??
006C5A6E 000000??
5Taxi Driver Mission Mod
Get in a Taxi and push R3. Note 1: In the Taxi you can only do the mission once, then the taxi missions will be disabled. We suggest not saving after using the taxi mission mod, or you'll lose the ability to do taxi missions
006C4CB9 000000??
006C4D75 000000??
-=Credit: Tpcc=-
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