-=Infinite Codes=-

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1Infinite Health (only way to day is to blow up INSIDE a car)
-=Credit: Codejunkies N' Skiller=-
This is a mod of the original CodeJunkies code they found the addresses..
202A9B38 AC610580
202A9B30 3C01447A
202A9B3C 240303E8
2Infinite Cash 207096B4 05F5E0FF
207096B8 05F5E0FF
3Infinite Hungry -=Credit: misfire2026491C A6200170
203E2080 00000000
202D2DFC 00000000
4Infinite Time -=Credit: misfire=- 20292C00 03E00008
20292C04 00000000
5Infinite Time -=Credit: HF*/TPCC=- 20293004 00000000
6Infinite Fuel (RC Plane) -=Credit: misfire=- 201FB268 00000000
7Infinite Armor -=Credit: misfire=- 202A9858 3C0142C8
202A985C AC610588
8Infinite Run/Swim -=Credit: FullCodes=-00709748 00000001 
9Mission Time20292CAC 00000000
10Infinite Nitrous -=Credit: Doug Quaid/GFCC=- 00159bf0 00000000
11Peds have infinite health -=Credit: MoochTheMonkey=- 203E1F00 03E00008

(11 codes total)