Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas

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GMO, Azagthoth0677, Misfire, Skiller, Psy, HF*, Tpcc, Mushroomhead439, Fugitive, Fullcodes,
Q-Reg, Gameshark, Codebreaker/CMX, Codejunkies, Edisoncarter, MoochTheMonkey, Doug Quaid/GFCC, PyroHazard, OD fa real

Testers: Thanks to all the Testers as well . with out u ppl we would not know if the codes worked right thank u

Here u are.. all Cheat devices will take the codes as long as u use the right master ..
AR2/GS2.2 Take raw if u use the master provided.. and the GS3,4,5 and CB1-9 all take raw as well . so there should be no problem using the codes the way they are .. the encryptions is now dead for most of the devices .. ppl .. So there I no need to use it

Raw is so much easier to handle since all Device take it ..

-=This Database of codes has been put to gather using all the above ppl codes. I Skiller have decided to put the codes into one big Database to make it allot easier to find. If posted on any other forums leave this with it. so ppl know who and where it came from (GTA SA Database) **SKILLER** =-

PS thanks to all are hackers and to all are testers Keep up the good work Skiller out


Updated on July 21/2005

U Latest Update

CMX Blaster (Radio outside of car)
HotCoffie (Updated 2.0 ver)
GF Stats 100%

M(M)CB1-9F0100208 0000000E
M(M) AR2V2/GS2V2 0E3C7DF2 1456E7A5
F0100208 0000000E
M(M) Gameshark/Xp
3.1 to 4
98495ACF 789CFB15
M(M) Gameshark/Xp
760CF590 00000000
98495ACF 789CFB15

For Those of u that don't have a Cheat device here are all the Button Codes to date
Click here for Button Cheats

Code Titles
-=Misc Codes=- 47 Codes
-=Never Explode Codes=- 5 Codes
-=Cheat Active Codes And Vehicle Drop Codes=- 158 Codes
-=Infinite Codes=- 11 Codes
-=Ammo Codes=- 5 Codes
-=Traffic Codes=- 10 Codes
-=Joker Codes=- 22 Codes
-=Disabler Codes=- 11 Codes
-=Mission Mods=- 5 Codes
-=Invisible Codes=- 5 Codes
-=Gravity codes=- 5 Codes
-=Wanted Level Codes=- 11 Codes
-=Weather/World Codes=- 133 Codes
-=Time Codes=- 5 Codes
-=Rank Codes=- 2 Codes
-=Speed Codes=- 5 Codes
-=Player Stats Codes=- 30 Codes
-=Money Stats Codes=- 14 Codes
-=Weapons Stats Codes=- 28 Codes
-=Crimes Stats Codes=- 30 Codes
-=Gangs Stats Codes=- 16 Codes
-=Achievement Stats Codes=- 41 Codes
-=Mission/Stats Codes=- 83 Codes
-=Misc Stats Codes=- 9 Codes
-=Vehicle Mods:=- 42 Codes
-=Radar Mod=- 4 Codes
-=CJ Animations Mods=- 18 Codes
-=Weapon Mods=- 10 Codes
-=Custom Names Mods=- 2 Codes
-=Button Cheat Mods=- 69 Codes
-=Global Character Stats Mods =- 10 Codes
-=HotCoffie=-   u must be 18+ Canada 21+ USA to use this code lol 49 Codes
-=The Scraps=- 23 Codes
Mod Digits
-=Garage Car Digits=- 85 Digits
-=Garage Hydraulic Digits=- 85 Digits
-=Garage Proof Digits=- 85 Digits
-=Garage Base Color Digits=- 85 Digits
-=Garage Secondary Color Digits=- 85 Digits
-=Cars Digits=- 207 Digits
-=Proof=- 17 Digits
-=Color Digits=- 126 Digits
-=Time Digits=- 24 Digits
-=Mission Digits=- 150 Digits
-=Rank Digits=- 46 digits
-=Radar Digits=- 62 Digits
-=Weather Digits=- 7 Digits
-=Water Mod Digits=- 20 Digits
-=Animation Mod Digits=- 20 Digits
(915 codes total)
(????? Digits total)