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L CLICK HERE FOR GS2v2/AR2v2 OF THIS All have right names.
1 Enabler
(NOTE: Must Be On For the Fallowing Active Cheats)
-=Edited by Skiller=-
All Active cheats for this list have also been changed .. Since i have added to it (**?? buttons on the bottom of page) using this enabler allows u to Turn them on and off that's if the game allows that code to be turned on and off :P
200C2100 3C080089
200C2104 9508D760
200C2558 03E00008
2059D368 00000000
2059D380 00000000
2059D3A4 0C030840
2 Weapon set 1 200C2108 2001**??
200C210C 51010112
200C2110 8C820000
3 Weapon set 2 200C2114 2001**??
200C2118 5101010F
200C211C 8C820004
4 Weapon set 3 200C2120 2001**??
200C2124 5101010C
200C2128 8C820008
5 Refill Health, Armor & Cash 200C212C 2001**??
200C2130 51010109
200C2134 8C82000C
6 Raise Wanted Level 200C2138 2001**??
200C213C 51010106
200C2140 8C820010
7 Lower Wanted Level 200C2144 2001**??
200C2148 51010103
200C214C 8C820014
8 Weather Night -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2150 2001**??
200C2154 51010100
200C2158 8C820018
9 Weather Overcast -=Credit Skiller=- 200C215C 2001**??
200C2160 510100FD
200C2164 8C82001C
10 Weather Cloudy -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2168 2001**??
200C216C 510100FA
200C2170 8C820020
11 Weather Rain -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2174 2001**??
200C2178 510100F7
200C217C 8C820024
12 Weather Fog -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2180 2001**??
200C2184 510100F4
200C2188 8C820028
13 Quick Time -=Credit Skiller=- 200C218C 2001**??
200C2190 510100F1
200C2194 8C82002C
14 Fast Game Play -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2198 2001**??
200C219C 510100EE
200C21A0 8C820030
15 Slower Game play -=Credit Skiller=- 200C21A4 2001**??
200C21A8 510100EB
200C21AC 8C820034
16 Peds have Guns -=Credit Skiller=- 200C21B0 2001**??
200C21B4 510100E8
200C21B8 8C820038
17 Peds dont like you  -=Credit Skiller=- 200C21BC 2001**??
200C21C0 510100E5
200C21C4 8C82003C
18 Peds With Weapons  -=Credit Skiller=- 200C21C8 2001**??
200C21CC 510100E2
200C21D0 8C820040
19 Spawn Tank -=Credit Skiller=- 200C21D4 2001**??
200C21D8 510100DF
200C21DC 8C820044
20 Spawn Bloodring Banger -=Credit Skiller=- 200C21E0 2001**??
200C21E4 510100DC
200C21E8 8C820048
21 Spawn Rancher -=Credit Skiller=- 200C21EC 2001**??
200C21F0 510100D9
200C21F4 8C82004C
22 Spawn Hotring Racer -=Credit Skiller=- 200C21F8 2001**??
200C21FC 510100D6
200C2200 8C820050
23 Spawn Hotring Racer 2 -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2204 2001**??
200C2208 510100D3
200C220C 8C820054
24 Spawn Romero (Hearse) -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2210 2001**??
200C2214 510100D0
200C2218 8C820058
25 Spawn Strech -=Credit Skiller=- 200C221C 2001**??
200C2220 510100CD
200C2224 8C82005C
26 Spawn Trash Master -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2228 2001**??
200C222C 510100CA
200C2230 8C820060
27 Spawn Caddie -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2234 2001**??
200C2238 510100C7
200C223C 8C820064
28 Blowup All Cars 200C2240 2001**??
200C2244 510100C4
200C2248 8C820068
29 Invisible cars (Wheels only) -=Credit Skiller=- 200C224C 2001**??
200C2250 510100C1
200C2254 8C82006C
30 Handling (L3 to jump) -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2258 2001**??
200C225C 510100BE
200C2260 8C820070
31 Commit Suicide 200C2264 2001**??
200C2268 510100BB
200C226C 8C820074
32 ALL Green lights  -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2270 2001**??
200C2274 510100B8
200C2278 8C820078
33 Aggressive Drivers  -=Credit Skiller=- 200C227C 2001**??
200C2280 510100B5
200C2284 8C82007C
34 All Pink Cars -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2288 2001**??
200C228C 510100B2
200C2290 8C820080
35 All cars black -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2294 2001**??
200C2298 510100AF
200C229C 8C820084
36 Drive on water -=Credit Skiller=- 200C22A0 2001**??
200C22A4 510100AC
200C22A8 8C820088
37 Dodo Boats  -=Credit Skiller=- 200C22AC 2001**??
200C22B0 510100A9
200C22B4 8C82008C
38 Make Cj Fat  200C22B8 2001**??
200C22BC 510100A6
200C22C0 8C820090
39 Max Muscle -=Credit Skiller=- 200C22C4 2001**??
200C22C8 510100A3
200C22CC 8C820094
40 Min Muscle/Fat -=Credit Skiller=- 200C22D0 2001**??
200C22D4 510100A0
200C22D8 8C820098
41 Elvis Is alive (Peds Elvis)  -=Credit Skiller=- 200C22DC 2001**??
200C22E0 5101009D
200C22E4 8C82009C
42 Peds Attack (Guns)-=Credit Skiller=- 200C22E8 2001**??
200C22EC 5101009A
200C22F0 8C8200A0
43 Have Beachwear 200C22F4 2001**??
200C22F8 51010097
200C22FC 8C8200A4
44 Gangs -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2300 2001**??
200C2304 51010094
200C2308 8C8200A8
45 Only Gang members around (Ballers) -=Credit Skiller=- 200C230C 2001**??
200C2310 51010091
200C2314 8C8200AC
46 Katana 200C2318 2001**??
200C231C 5101008E
200C2320 8C8200B0
47 Have Bondage Gear 200C2324 2001**??
200C2328 5101008B
200C232C 8C8200B4
48 Shit Cars  -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2330 2001**??
200C2334 51010088
200C2338 8C8200B8
49 Fast Cars -=Credit Skiller=- 200C233C 2001**??
200C2340 51010085
200C2344 8C8200BC
50 Flying Cars -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2348 2001**??
200C234C 51010082
200C2350 8C8200C0
51 Super Bunny hop -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2354 2001**??
200C2358 5101007F
200C235C 8C8200C4
52 Spawn Hydra -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2360 2001**??
200C2364 5101007C
200C2368 8C8200C8
53 Spawn Vortex -=Credit Skiller=- 200C236C 2001**??
200C2370 51010079
200C2374 8C8200CC
54 Smash n" boom -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2378 2001**??
200C237C 51010076
200C2380 8C8200D0
55 All Cars Have Nos -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2384 2001**??
200C2388 51010073
200C238C 8C8200D4
56 Smash Ní Floaters -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2390 2001**??
200C2394 51010070
200C2398 8C8200D8
57 Time 0000 (Strange sky) -=Credit Skiller=- 200C239C 2001**??
200C23A0 5101006D
200C23A4 8C8200DC
58 Time 2100 -=Credit Skiller=- 200C23A8 2001**??
200C23AC 5101006A
200C23B0 8C8200E0
59 Weather Rain -=Credit Skiller=- 200C23B4 2001**??
200C23B8 51010067
200C23BC 8C8200E4
60 Weather SandStorm -=Credit Skiller=- 200C23C0 2001**??
200C23C4 51010064
200C23C8 8C8200E8
61 Blank Cheat
Note: Cheat does nothing
-=Credit Skiller=-
200C23CC 2001**??
200C23D0 51010061
200C23D4 8C8200EC
62 Super jump -=Credit Skiller=- 200C23D8 2001**??
200C23DC 5101005E
200C23E0 8C8200F0
63 Infinite Health/Against Peds/Cops only -=Credit Skiller=- 200C23E4 2001**??
200C23E8 5101005B
200C23EC 8C8200F4
64 Infinite Lung -=Credit Skiller=- 200C23F0 2001**??
200C23F4 51010058
200C23F8 8C8200F8
64 Have Parachute 200C23FC 2001**??
200C2400 51010055
200C2404 8C8200FC
65 Have Jetpack 200C2408 2001**??
200C240C 51010052
200C2410 8C820100
66 Never wanted -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2414 2001**??
200C2418 5101004F
200C241C 8C820104
67 Max Wanted Lvl -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2420 2001**??
200C2424 5101004C
200C2428 8C820108
68 Cj Has Killer Punch -=Credit Skiller=- 200C242C 2001**??
200C2430 51010049
200C2434 8C82010C
69 Never Hungry -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2438 2001**??
200C243C 51010046
200C2440 8C820110
70 Chaos mode -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2444 2001**??
200C2448 51010043
200C244C 8C820114
71 Have Groucho Gear/Fun House 200C2450 2001**??
200C2454 51010040
200C2458 8C820118
72 Slow Mod 2 Adrenaline Mode -=Credit Skiller=- 200C245C 2001**??
200C2460 5101003D
200C2464 8C82011C
73 Infinite ammo -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2468 2001**??
200C246C 5101003A
200C2470 8C820120
74 Shoot N' Drive -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2474 2001**??
200C2478 51010037
200C247C 8C820124
75 Reduce Traffic -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2480 2001**??
200C2484 51010034
200C2488 8C820128
76 Countryside Traffic -=Credit Skiller=- 200C248C 2001**??
200C2490 51010031
200C2494 8C82012C
77 Colts Recruit (Anyone)  -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2498 2001**??
200C249C 5101002E
200C24A0 8C820130
78 Have Hillbilly Gear/Countryside Traffic 200C24A4 2001**??
200C24A8 5101002B
200C24AC 8C820134
79 Rocket launchers Recruit (Anyone) -=Credit Skiller=- 200C24B0 2001**??
200C24B4 51010028
200C24B8 8C820138
80 Max Respect -=Credit Skiller=- 200C24BC 2001**??
200C24C0 51010025
200C24C4 8C82013C
81 Max Sexappel -=Credit Skiller=- 200C24C8 2001**??
200C24CC 51010022
200C24D0 8C820140
82 Taxies Have Nitrous -=Credit Skiller=- 200C24D4 2001**??
200C24D8 5101001F
200C24DC 8C820144
83 Hitman In all weapon Stats -=Credit Skiller=- 200C24E0 2001**??
200C24E4 5101001C
200C24E8 8C820148
84 Max All Vehicle stats -=Credit Skiller=- 200C24EC 2001**??
200C24F0 51010019
200C24F4 8C82014C
85 Spawn Hunter -=Credit Skiller=- 200C24F8 2001**??
200C24FC 51010016
200C2500 8C820150
86 Spawn Quad -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2504 2001**??
200C2508 51010013
200C250C 8C820154
87 Spawn Tanker -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2510 2001**??
200C2514 51010010
200C2518 8C820158
88 Spawn Dozer -=Credit Skiller=- 200C251C 2001**??
200C2520 5101000D
200C2524 8C82015C
89 Spawn Stunt Plane -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2528 2001**??
200C252C 5101000A
200C2530 8C820160
90 Spawn Monster -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2534 2001**??
200C2538 51010007
200C253C 8C820164
91 Hookers Pay You -=Credit Skiller=- 200C2540 2001**??
200C2544 51010004
200C2548 8C820168
92 Hookers Pay You -=Credit Skiller=-
(Yes this code is the same as above)
200C254C 2001**??
200C2550 51010001
200C2554 8C82016C
(Enjoy this is Every Button cheat in the game)

Thanks HF* for the Joker Digits

-=Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Button Cheats values=-

These are the digits used for the button cheats.
Hex Digits (Hex digit is the number on the left)

Replace **?? with each there own button
so ** would be 1 button and ?? would be anothere
00= Nothing (Only use if u are going to joker with 1 button)
55= Up on D-Pad
44= Down on D-Pad
4C= Left on D-Pad
52= Right on D-Pad
54= Triangle Button
53= Square Button
43= Circle Button
58= X Button
31= L1
32= L2
33= R1
34= R2

(92 codes total)