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Skiller, Azagthoth,  E
disoncarter, Codejunkies, Godshin, Vettefan88, Pyriel

Testers: Thanks to all the Testers as well . with out u ppl we would not know if the codes worked right thank u

Here u are.. all Cheat devices will take the codes as long as u use the right master ..
AR2/GS2.2 Take raw if u use the master provided.. and the GS3,4,5 and CB1-9 all take raw as well . so there should be no problem using the codes the way they are .. the encryptions is now dead for most of the devices .. ppl .. So there I no need to use it

Raw is so much easier to handle since all Device take it ..

-=This Database of codes has been put to gather using all the above ppl codes. I Skiller have decided to put the codes into one big Database to make it allot easier to find. If posted on any other forums leave this with it. so ppl know who and where it came from (GTA LCS Database) **SKILLER** =-

PS thanks to all are hackers and to all are testers Keep up the good work Skiller out


Updated on July 4/2006
Working ON

U Latest Update

Stats Codes added

MM) CB6+/GS3+/XP4+90380278 0c0e0046
M(M) AR2V2/GS2V2 0E3C7DF2 1456E7A5
F0380278 0000000E
MM) CB/GS/XPF0380278 0000000E


JJokers Pad 1D060B8C2 0000????
D060B942 0000????
JJokers Pad 2D060BA82 0000????
D060BB02 0000????


DSave Dump20367078 3c03???? (Start)
2036707C 3c05**** (Stop)
2063ab18 ????0000
2063ab0C ****0000
203679b4 24020000
DLive Dump
(Need to fix)
200A0038 0c0d9c56
200A0070 0c0d9c56
200A0058 0c0d9c56
200A0024 0c0d9afe
200A0048 0c0d9bf8
200A0060 0c0d9b56
D060B8C2 0000FFFD
203607cc 08028000
D060B8C2 0010FFFD
203607cc 03E00008

For Those of u that don't have a Cheat device here are all the Button Codes to date
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