Ped Digits
Replace ??? with one of the following
7D0 = Blank (use if u are only putting a Few peds in
000 = CJ (Main player Don't work)
001 = Undetermined but does not freeze game
002 = Freezes game
003 = Freezes game
004 = Freezes game
005 = Freezes game
006 = Freezes game
007 = Black guy in grey hoodie and blue jeans
008 = Freezes game
009 = Black woman in Indian red business suit
00A = Old fat black woman in dark red sweater and large brown skirt
00B = Black lady croupier
00C = Black lady in yellow choker and black dress club outfit
00D = Black woman in black jersey number 31, blue jeans, brown hat
00E = Black man in Hawaiian shirt and brown pants
00F = Black man in purple and grey plaid shirt and blue jeans
010 = Black man in orange vest, gray pants, black sweater, and black cap
011 = Black man in black suit with a red tie
012 = Black man, shirtless, orange shorts
013 = Black guy shirtless in red hat, red jeans, chain
014 = Cuba Gooding Jr. in black and yellow suit
015 = Black carjacker in navy blue polo shirt and low shorts, chains
016 = Black guy in orange jersey jacket
017 = White guy black cap backwards, grey shirt, long johns, beige shorts
018 = Black guy in navy blue sweatshirt and blue jeans, blue cap
019 = Black guy in black vest and white sweater, blue jeans
01A = Camper
01B = White construction worker
01C = Drug dealer 1
01D = Drug dealer 2
01E = Drug dealer 3
01F = Farm woman in white shirt and hat
020 = Farm guy with blue shirt , brown pants
021 = Guy in huge black cape
022 = Cowboy
023 = Tourist in pink shirt
024 = Tourist in cream shirt
025 = Tourist in light blue shirt
026 = Tourist in white shirt
027 = Old fat Hispanic woman
028 = Black lady in a red party club dress, black heels
029 = Hispanic girl in all sky blue outfit, sky blue sun hat
02A = Freezes game
02B = Old white guy in black and purple shirt, sunglasses
02C = Hispanic guy in blue checkered shirt
02D = Surfer dude in green shorts
02E = Guy in white long sleeved shirt, blue pants
02F = Carjacker
030 = Hispanic guy in blue striped shirt, sunglasses
031 = Marital arts trainer
032 = Mechanic
033 = Bicycle rider in yellow sleeveless shirt
034 = Bicycle rider in white shirt
035 = Old woman in brown Hawaiian shirt and hat
036 = Old fat woman in dark brown shirt and brown skirt
037 = Lady in black party club dress, long hair
038 = Asian girl in green tanktop, black skirt, bandaged left arm
039 = Guy in black suit and glasses
03A = Guy in plaid Indian red shirt and blue jeans
03B = Asian guy in brown striped shirt and black pants
03C = Guy in brown sweater, blue jeans
03D = Pilot
03E = Old white guy in sky blue outfit
03F = Black prostitute
040 = Hispanic prostitute
041 = Freezes game
042 = Black guy in dark blue vest and white sweater
043 = Black guy in white sweater, blue jeans, red bandanna
044 = Old white guy in all black suit
045 = Black girl in all blue outfit, tanktop
046 = Lab scientist, Area 69 worker
047 = Port Authority Officer
048 = White guy in pony tail and blue checkered shirt
049 = White guy in blue bandanna, brown shirt, camo pants
04A = Freezes game
04B = Prostitute
04C = Black lady in aqua blue business suit
04D = Woman in country hat, long lseeved brown shirt, light brown skirt
04E = Homeless guy in red checkered shirt, blue jeans, green beanie
04F = Black guy in combat jacket, blue jeans, and beanie
050 = Boxer trainer 1
051 = Boxer trainer 2
052 = Elvis 1
053 = Elvis 2
054 = Elvis 3
055 = Prostitute
056 = Freezes game
057 = Stripper with Flower In Hair
058 = Old woman in red collar shirt, white brownish shorts
059 = Old woman in all blue dress
05A = Female jogger
05B = ‘Basic Instinct’ girl
05C = Female roller blader in bikinis
05D = British lady in black shirt and tight blue jeans
05E = Old white guy in white collar shirt and blue shorts
05F = Old white guy in cream shirt and blue jeans
060 = Male jogger
061 = Shirtless jogger
062 = Guy in black vest and white collar shirt
063 = White guy in a helmet, sunglasses, goatee, white and black shirt
064 = White guy in beard, sunglasses, black shirt and chain, wristbands, and low shorts
065 = Kurtis Cobain
066 = Ballas
067 = Ballas
068 = Ballas
069 = GSF
06A = GSF
06B = GSF
06C = LSV gang
06D = LSV gang
06E = LSV gang
06F = Mafia guys
070 = Mafia guys
071 = Mafia guys
072 = Aztecas
073 = Aztecas
074 = Aztecas
075 = Triad guys
076 = Triad guys
077 = Freezes game
078 = Triad guys
079 = Da Nang guys
07A = Da Nang guys
07B = Da Nang guys
07C = Mafia 2
07D = Mafia 2
07E = Mafia 2
07F = Mafia 2
080 = Indian guy in long hair and shirt with ‘Ranch’ in middle
081 = Old woman in brown dress with large skirt
082 = Old fat woman in dark green and brown dress. Pigtails
083 = Black girl, cap backwards, pigtails, brown top, blue jeans
084 = Old white guy with red headband and cream shirt
085 = White guy with red cap, brown shirt, blue jeans
086 = Homeless guy chewing a stick, cap backwards, dirty shirt
087 = White guy in red jacket, olive green beanie, gray shorts
088 = Homeless guy in colored beanie, gray sweater, red pants w/ stripes
089 = Box Head
08A = White girl in sky blue bikini
08B = Black girl in yellow bikini
08C = Tan girl in orange bikini
08D = Asian girl in business suit
08E = Black guy in colorful African garments
08F = Carjacker in blue jacket and beige pants
090 = Black guy in black jersey and dust mask.
091 = White girl with pasties and bikini and dustmask
092 = White guy shirtless, dust mask, and shorts
093 = Bearded guy in a grey suit
094 = Woman in aqua green outfit
095 = Freezes game
096 = Woman in dark bluish purple outfit
097 = Chubby woman in olive green shirt, blue skirt, sunglasses
098 = Prostitute
099 = Guy in a dark grey necktie suy and a white helmet
09A = Shirtless white guy with blue shorts
09B = Well Stacked Pizza guy
09C = Guy in light blue shirt with long johns
09D = Farm girl with green shirt and blue jeans
09E = Farm guy with straw hat and overalls
09F = Farm guy overalls and red hat
0A0 = Farm guy with beard and blad head
0A1 = Farm guy with country hat and plaid shirt
0A2 = Freaky looking shirtless farm guy
0A3 = Black bodyguard with headset
0A4 = White bodyguard with headset
0A5 = White bodyguard with sunglasses
0A6 = Black bodyguard with sunglasses
0A7 = Cluckin’ Bell Cock guy
0A8 = Hot dog vendor
0A9 = Asian girl in casual black outfit
0AA = White guy in black long johns and red shirt
0AB = Croupier
0AC = Casino lady bartender
0AD = Rifa
0AE = Rifa
0AF = Rifa
0B0 = Barber 1
0B1 = Barber 2
0B2 = Stripper in Cat Girl Outfit
0B3 = Ammunation gun dealer
0B4 = Tattoo shop owner
0B5 = Carjacker with mohawk hairstyle
0B6 = Black guy in aqua green sweater and blue short. Taxi driver
0B7 = Black guy in dread locks with grey plaid shirt and gray pants
0B8 = Carjacker in white and blue striped shirt
0B9 = Will Smith in purple shirt and black pants
0BA = Asian guy in brown business suit
0BB = White guy in blue striped suit with a red tie
0BC = White guy in light green shirt and blue jeans
0BD = Valet
0C4 = Old farm woman in light olive green shirt and brown plaid skirt
0C5 = Old farm woman in red hood, green tank top, and red plaid skirt
0C6 = Farm lady in country hat, shirt with ‘Ranch’ in center, blue jeans
0C7 = Farm lady in pink, flower outfit
0C8 = Farm guy with beard and tank top
0C9 = Farm lady in plaid vest
0CA = White guy in with grey shirt, black cap, and blue jeans
0CB = Marital Arts trainee 1
0CC = Marital Arts trainee 2
0CD = Burger Shot chubby lady
0CE = White guy in olive green short shirt, and blue jeans, goatee
0CF = Prostitute in green bras and black skirt
0D0 = Freezes game
0D1 = Freaky old man in red collar shirt, brown pants
0D2 = White man in light blue plaid collar shirt, black pants
0D3 = Clothing store staff lady
0D4 = Guy in brown sweater and blue jeans
0D5 = Guy in all grey outfit
0D6 = Waitress
0D7 = Black lady in yello and white outfit, yellow hat
0D8 = Club girl in all purple outfit
0D9 = Pro Laps staff
0DA = Old fat black woman with red vest, pink sweater, plaid skirt
0DB = Black lady in all red business casual outift
0DC = Caribbean taxi driver
0DD = Black bearded guy in white shirt
0DE = Black guy in black shirt with brown patterns on lower end, blue jeans, goatee
0DF = Carjacker in purple pink long sleeved shirt, gray pants
0E0 = Lady in black flowered shirt, black short pants, heels, and ponytail
0E1 = Lady in purplish flowered shirt, light blue jeans, ponytail, sneakers
0E2 = Asian girl in long black hair, purple tanktop, dark grey skirt, heavily clothed feet
0E3 = Old half bald man in dark blue suit with blue tie
0E4 = Asian businessman in black suit, red tie
0E5 = Old Asian man in white Hawaiian shirt, dark blue jeans, half bald
0E6 = Black homeless guy in dark blue hoody, wooden board around neck with words 'WILL WORK FOR POT'
0E7 = Old farm woman in green shirt, red plaid skirt, short ponytail
0E8 = Chubby woman in red plaid long sleeved shirt, tan and red skirt, brown stockings, brown hair
0E9 = Tan girl in white tight shirt, tight blue jeans with huge belt, black shoes
0EA = Taxi driver. Cream shirt with dots, sunglasses, blue jeans, brown shoes
0EB = Old with man in flower cream shirt, beige pants, brown shoes, half bald
0EC = Old white man in grey hair, moustache, green checkered shirt, brown pants, black shoes
0ED = Hispanic prostitute in leopard skin top, short black skirt, keen high boots
0EE = Black prostitute in all red, skanky outfit
0EF = Homeless guy, beard, brown orange coat plaid,torn blue jeans with red tie, red scarf, black shoes
0F0 = White guy in black vest, white shirt, black pants, brown shoes
0F1 = Black guy huge afro, tattooed chest, black shirt, blue shorts, sunglasses
0F2 = Tattoed Hispanic guy in black hat, sunglasses, white tanktop, black shorts, black shoes
0F3 = Prostitute in red top, black skirt, black boots
0F4 = Undetermined but does not freeze game
0F5 = Black chubby prostitute, white top, red skirt, red shoes
0F6 = Stripper in Cop Outfit
0F7 = White guy in black vest, black jeans, biker boots, black beanie, brown beard
0F8 = Long haired white guy in black leather jacket, black pants, goatee
0F9 = Guy in long orange brown cape
0FA = Carjacker
0FB = White girl in red bathing suit
0FC = Shirtless guy in red polka dot boxers
0FD = Train station attendant
0FE = Drug dealer
0FF = Limosine driver
100 = Stripper in Schoolgirl Outfit
101 = Stripper
102 = Fat white guy in gray plaid shirt and beige shorts
103 = Fat white guy in blue plaid shirt and beige shorts
104 = Black construction worker
105 = White guy in blue checkered shirt and cap
106 = Black taxi driver
107 = Waitress
108 = ‘Fun House’ clown
109 = Freezes game
10A = Freezes game
10B = Freezes game
10C = Freezes game
10D = Freezes game
10E = Freezes game
10F = Freezes game
110 = Freezes game
111 = Freezes game
112 = Los Santos Emergency Unit
113 = Las Venturas Emergency Unit
114 = San Firro Emergency Unit
115 = Los Santos Fire Department
116 = Las Venturas Fire Department
117 = San Firro Fire Department
118 = Los Santos Police Department
119 = San Firro Police Department
11A = Las Venturas Police Department
11B = C Sheriff (one in Truck) (Shirts different brown or black)
11C = Los Santos Bike Cop
11D = SWAT
11E = FBI
11F = ARMY
120 = D Sheriff (one in Truck) (Shirts different brown or black)
121 = Freezes game
122 = Mission ped Dont work
123 = Mission ped Dont work
124 = Mission ped Dont work
125 = Mission ped Dont work
126 = Mission ped Dont work
127 = Mission ped Dont work
128 = Mission ped Dont work
129 = Mission ped Dont work
12A = Mission ped Dont work
12B = Mission ped Dont work