-=Credit: Psy /TPCC=-

Values For ??
Opening Movie
Note: Includes "Opening Movie", "Big Smoke" and "Sweet + Kendl".
Arcade Games
They Crawled From Uranus
Note: Arcade Game.
Note: Arcade Game.
Go, Go Space Monkey
Note: Arcade Game.
Let's Get Ready To Bumble
Note: Arcade Game.
Betting Machine
Horse Racing
Note: Betting Machine.
Side Missions
Nothing (Should be 2 Player Pool) 08
Lowrider Dance
Note: Take a Lowrider vehicle with Hydraulics to the yellow blip on the radar after starting the mission.
Beefy Baron 0A
Carl Johnson Missions
Big Smoke
Note: Includes "Sweet + Kendl".
Ryder Missions
Ryder 0C
Sweet Missions
Tagging Up Turf 0D
Cleaning The Hood 0E
Drive-Thru 0F
Nines And AK's 10
Drive-By 11
Sweets Girl 12
Cesar Vialpando 13
Los Sepulcros 14
Doberman 15
Frank Tenpenny Missions
Burning Desire 16
Gray Imports 17
Ryder Missions
Home Invasion 18
Catalyst 19
Robbing Uncle Sam 1A
Big Smoke
OG Loc 1B
Running Dog 1C
Wrong Side Of The Tracks 1D
Just Business 1E
OG Loc
Beach Party 1F
Madd Dogg's Rhymes 20
Management Issues 21
House Party 22
Side Missions
Dirt Track 23
Cesar Vialpando
High Stakes, Low Rider
Note: You will spawn outside Cesar's place in a Taxi, but you'll need to grab a lowrider before you can enter the red circle to start the race.
Reuniting The Families 25
The Green Sabre 26
Frank Tenpenny
Badlands 27
Crashes Game (Should be Catalina Cutscene) 28
Local Liquor Store 29
Small Town Bank 2A
Tanker Commander 2B
Against All Odds 2C
Cesar Vialpando
King In Exile 2D
The Truth
Body Harvest 2E
Are You Going To San Fierro? 2F
Cesar Vialpando
Nothing 30
Carl Johnson
Wear Flowers In Your Hair 31
Deconstruction 32
555 WE TIP 33
Frank Tenpenny
Snail Trail 34
Wu Zi Mu
Mountain Cloud Boys 35
Ran Fa Li 36
Lure 37
Amphibious Assault 38
The Da Nang Thang 39
The Triads
Photo Opportunity 3A
Jizzy 3B
The Triads
Outrider 3C
Ice Cold Killa 3D
Toreno's Last Flight 3E
Yay Ka-Boom-Boom 3F
Pier 69 40
T-Bone Mendez 41
Mike Toreno 42
Zeroing In 43
Test Drive 44
Customs Fast Track 45
Puncture Wounds 46
School Missions  
Driving School 47
Air Raid 48
Supply Lines... 49
New Model Army 4A
Mike Toreno
Monster 4B
Highjack 4C
Interdiction 4D
Verdant Meadows 4E
N.O.E. 4F
Stowaway 50
Black Project 51
Green Goo 52
School Missions  
Flying School 53
The Triads
Fender Ketchup 54
Explosive Situation 55
You've Had Your Chips 56
Fish In A Barrel 57
The Truth
Don Peyote 58
The Mafia
Intensive Care 59
The Meat Business 5A
Freefall 5B
Saint Mark's Bistro 5C
Frank Tenpenny
Misappropriation 5D
High Noon 5E
Madd Dogg
Madd Dogg 5F
Heist Missions  
Architectural Espionage 60
Key To Her Heart 61
Dam And Blast 62
Cop Wheels 63
Up, Up And Away 64
Breaking The Bank At Caligula's 65
The Triads
A Home In The Hills 66
Carl Johnson
Vertical Bird 67
Home Coming 68
Cut Throat Business 69
Beat Down On B-Dup 6A
Grove 4 Life 6B
Carl Johnson
Riot 6C
Los Desperados 6D
End Of The Line 6E
End Of The Line (Smoke Dying Cutscene & Onwards) 6F
End Of The Line (The Final Chase & Onwards) 70
Side Missions
Nothing (Should be Shooting Range) 71
Nothing (Should be Gym Los Santos) 72
Nothing (Should be Gym San Fierro) 73
Nothing (Should be Gym Las Venturas) 74
Trucker Missions
Note: Complete the first mission then use your vehicle to start the missions again and you will be able to do the 2nd Trucker mission and so on.
Quarry Missions
Note: Complete the first mission then use your vehicle to start the missions again and you will be able to do the 2nd Quarry mission and so on.
Boat School 77
Bike School 78
Sub Missions
Taxi Driver Missions 79
Paramedic Missions
Note: This code must be activated in an Ambulance or it will crash the game which kind of beats the point in the code at all.
Firefighter Missions 7B
Vigilante Missions 7C
Burglary Missions
Note: Start the missions between 8PM and 5AM or you'll automatically fail.
Freight Missions 7E
Pimping Missions 7F
New Game (Should be Bloodring) 80
New Game (Should be Kickstart) 81
New Game (Should be Race Tournament) 82
New Game (Should be Basketball Court) 83
New Game (Should be Chiliad Challenge) 84
New Game (Should be BMX) 85
New Game (Should be "Buy Property 1") 86
New Game (Should be 2 Player Rampage) 87
New Game (Should be 2 Player Bike Rampage) 88
New Game (Should be 2 Player Car Rampage) 89
New Game (Should be 2 Player Helicopter Rampage) 8A
New Game (Should be 2 Player Peds Rampage) 8B
New Game (Should be 2 Player Run Around Los Santos) 8C
New Game (Should be 2 Player Run Around Las Venturas) 8D
New Game (Should be 2 Player Run Around San Fierro) 8E
New Game (Should be 2 Player Run Around Desert) 8F
New Game (Should be 2 Player Run Around Countryside) 90
New Game (Should be Run Around Millie) 91
New Game (Should be Run Around Suzie) 92
New Game (Should be Run Around Barbara) 93
New Game (Should be Run Around Kylie) 94
New Game (Should be Run Around Denise) 95
New Game (Should be Run Around Michelle) 96