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    Rough translation by Google


    4.1 only supports 3.65 systems or more

    Nothing to say, too lazy to adapt to the 3.60 system, to use the new version please upgrade the system, otherwise use the Z05 version.

    4.2 increase support for suprx plugin way gold finger

    The common cheat code format is not flexible enough, and for advanced users, you may want to write a cheat code using a more flexible plugin.
    First of all, you need to set up a PSV development environment. If you skip it here, you can search online to solve it.

    The focus is on the above content. The other place to be modified is to replace the title related to the titleid with the titleid that you want to change.
    Finally, compile the source code into {{titleid}}.suprx and put it in the ux0:vitacheat/plg directory.

    4.3 Using double buffering to improve image flicker problem

    To operate the menu, you need to refresh the interface. If you draw in the original image, you will obviously feel the flicker. After using double buffering, you will not feel the flicker. Of course, the memory usage will double. If you don't have enough memory, you don't use double buffering.

    4.4 Replace font files and add traditional Chinese interface

    The previous version of Chinese fonts used GBK encoding, the new version was changed to UNICODE, the interface added Traditional Chinese, and the cheat file supports English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

    4.5 cheat file encoding changed from GBK to UTF8

    The font has been changed, and the original cheat file encoding has changed, so the previous cheat file needs to be saved again as UTF8 encoding.

    4.6 dump memory to generate the same name.txt file, record all the module information of the process for the gold finger creator to use

    The Z05 version shows information about EBOOT (the main module of most games), in order to solve the problem of different versions of the game memory offset, but a small number of game values ​​exist in other modules, this update exports all module information.

    4.7 Improve B2 format code

    The new content of the Z05 version, only considered EBOOT at the time, this update can be positioned to other modules.

    Z06 updated the XX part and is compatible with the previous code.
    Due to the dynamic loading/unloading of the module, the method of locating the module by serial number still cannot guarantee 100% accurate module. The best way is to write suprx according to the module name.

    4.8 Accurate search search range increases Auto option

    Select the Auto option without specifying the search scope. The program searches for all modules and heap memory.

    4.9 The main interface displays the game name and remaining memory information.

    The main interface of the plug-in increases the game name and the remaining memory information display. The remaining memory is equal to the sum of three values, and the unit is byte.

    4.10 adaptation game resolution is not 960*544 display

    A small part of the game resolution is not 960 * 544, causing the interface of the plug-in to display an abnormality. This update fixes most of the situation. A few interfaces such as memory browsing change adaptation have not been modified.

    5 FAQ

    5.1 Why does config configure the plugin path but fail to call out the golden finger plugin?
    • The tai/config.txt file usually has two (ux0, ur0), only one of which is valid, confirming that the changed config file is correct (ux0 takes precedence over ur0)
    • Confirm that vitacheat.suprx is placed in the correct directory
    • Confirm the machine restart (all skprx replacements must be restarted to take effect)
    • other reasons
    5.2 Why can't I search for a value?
    • The search type is incorrect (for example, the number of items is usually 8bit, but the search type is 32bit)
    • The search range is incorrect, the range can be expanded appropriately, or the new Auto option can be used.
    • The values ​​displayed in the game do not match the values ​​actually stored in the game (for example, the Virtua Tennis 4 score shows 15, 30, the actual storage is 1, 2)
    • other reasons
    5.3 Why is the CHEAT LIST empty after the plugin is called out?
    • Confirm that the db directory has the corresponding {{titleid}}.psv file
    • Confirm that there is no syntax error in the {{titleid}}.psv file (the new version will be prompted to load the .psv file with a syntax error)
    • other reasons
    5.4 Why is the golden finger code locked or not exiting?
    • The user game version is inconsistent with the game version of the cheat code creator (NND and MAI, many of the previous code did not use the B2 format, NND and MAI formats can share less)
    • The user game version number does not match the game version number of the cheat code creator (eg user game version number 1.05, producer game version number 1.00)
    • other reasons
    5.5 Why are some game gold finger plugins not able to call out?

    A few game design mechanisms are quite unique, resulting in incompatibility, and there is no time to deal with this part of the problem. The new version provides the game to start by pressing the L key without loading vitacheat.suprx.

    5.6 Why is the code group in the CHEAT LIST limited to 50 groups?

    The 50 groups have been able to contain most of the modifications, and each group has a maximum of 200 lines of code, a total of 50 * 200 = 10000 lines of code has been able to accommodate enough modifications.

    5.7 pointer search function?

    I had planned to do the pointer search function in the vitacheat. After the experiment, it was found that although it is feasible, many troublesome details have to be dealt with. There is no time to get it.

    Code Author: Dask

    V0 All Item 99
    $4101 8262A76C 00002000 => $B200 00000001 00000000
    $006F 00000002 00000001 => $4101 00FFF76C 00002000
    $4001 8262A96C 00000063 => $006F 00000002 00000001
    $006F 00000001 00000000 => $4001 00FFF96C 00000063
    $006F 00000001 00000000
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    Hopefully this will revitalize the Vita Cheat Search.