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MaiDump to PSN/NoNPDRM Porting (The quick way)

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  • MaiDump to PSN/NoNPDRM Porting (The quick way)

    If you're using an SD2Vita card and an official Sony memory card, there's a quicker way to port those MaiDump codes to PSN/NoNPDRM versions.

    If your Vita rebuilds the database when you switch ux0 mounting this may not work. Mine does not, so I'm not sure.

    1.) Install the PSN/NoNPDRM version to one of the cards. So the bubble will be created. It's important to install this version first, because if MaiDump creates the bubble first, VitaShell will not refresh the live area and copy the licenses to the right places, and the game will act corrupted when booting the NoNPDRM version.
    2.) Start the game and use your preferred cheating tool to make a memory dump. If necessary, change the dump range to make sure it includes the address of the code you're trying to port. I've seen addresses go as high as 0x88xxxxxx.
    3.) Change your settings so that the other card will be mounted to ux0 on reboot and restart your Vita. Then install the MaiDump version of the game.
    4.) Start the game and create another memory dump.
    5.) Copy both memory dumps to your PC, then open them in a hexeditor.
    6.) Find the addresses for your codes in the MaiDump version's memory dump. I would recommend documenting the value at the address you're looking for as well as the 32 bits before and after, just to make searching easier.
    7.) Search for those values in the PSN/NoNPDRM version's memory dump and change the addresses in your code list accordingly.

    Porting the codes between versions should be pretty easy after that.
    PSN and NoNPDRM versions of games should share codes and not need porting.
    This could also theoretically work when porting codes between release and updated versions of games, as well.