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Vitacheat - Finding pointers?

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  • Vitacheat - Finding pointers?

    Hello there!

    are there any good methods for finding pointers for games using vitacheat?

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    Originally posted by Cissamannen View Post
    Hello there!

    are there any good methods for finding pointers for games using vitacheat?
    not at the moment but rumour has it the guy behind vita cheat is planning on releasing a new update with pointer support..... fingers crossed.


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      Try raing3's pointer searcher. You can change the code type to other and set the starting address. It works.
      Bear in mind that a lot of Vita games have multi-level pointers and use 64-bit float values, though.

      Sloppy tut:
      _C0 Generated Code
      _L 0x631FF1B4 0x00000063
      _L 0x00020001 0x000006DC

      would convert to

      _V0 Generated Code
      $3201 841FF1B4 000006DC
      $3300 00000000 00000063

      The settings in the TempAR.exe application should be like in the picture:

      Make sure to set whether it's an 8-, 16-, or 32-bit value so you get the right offset. You can change the maximum offset, if necessary.
      You can also choose tick "Include Negatives," as there are (rare) occasions where your pointer may be after your found code.
      If, by chance, your pointer doesn't work, or you get no green results, you're either not using the right address for your search (some values in Vita games are actually 64-bit, rather than 32), then you may be looking at a multi-level pointer.
      What you would do then would be to note your first result and offset, then take that result's address and use that as your new search address. Then, if you have to, start over and move to the next initial result.
      So, in the example above, the first search would be 844FFE9C, which gives multiple results, but I chose 841FF1B4.
      You would then change the search address to 841FF1B4 and remove the address from the second search address box and search again. You would hopefully find a green result in the new results.
      Basically, repeat the process, documenting addresses and offsets until you get to the base level pointer.
      Complicated, tedious, but not impossible.
      I have no idea how to make a 64-bit pointer, however.
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