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    I know this game was a pain on the PS2, but im trying for the vita and i know most of the norm codes are dma but i started looking for infinite jump and i do the norm like i did ratchet and clank 1, 2 and 3 and i think i have a starting point for the address, but it isnt working how i want it to.

    I can set the value to any point where youll be in mid air and if you enable the code you will jump but not move, if i increase the value at any default memory you jump far too high.

    i am trying to either get the same on R&C (and the PS3 version) that you can keep jumping, but for now all i have is in a sense slow fall using the code (default values) if you press X while falling you slowly fally.

    anyway, is anyone on here or with knowledge on the ps3 port able to help, the jump address is not dma because its worked each time for me (unlike health)

    _V0 Jump Test
    $C203 00000001 00004000
    $0200 821F7084 C795C1BB
    $C203 00000001 00000000
    $0200 821F7084 00000000
    $C203 00000001 00004000
    press x to apply

    $0200 821F7084 C795C1BB
    then no button returns to normal, but if i change the address

    [quote]$0200 821F7084 C795C1BB[/quote}

    your stuck or go too high, it would be nice to know how pressing X can take the offset 821F7084 and increase its value, in theory that should give moon jump?

    Who ever can fix this or make this gets full credit for the code.