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    Originally posted by Borderlinez View Post

    Did you try the mai dump version of that game? because i have not played that game yet
    I hope you that the psvita cannot run different config.txt files at the same time.
    NoNpdrm runs from ux0/tai and vitacheat runs from uro/tai just so you know .
    so check your set up . because that creates a conflict and ux0 is default thus will always run before ur0 resulting in psvita cheat being a no show when enabled .
    I cant use a Maidump Version of it since i only found a Version with the 1.06 Update and not the 1.11 update which is needed for the CHeats.
    Also im not having the problem that the VitaCheat menu or the cheat list wont show up. Everything works great (even on NoNpDrm the cheat menu will show up) but the cheats just dont work for a unknown reason.... :/


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      Hey there
      The Plugin appears to work great with maiDumps on my SD2Vita

      Yet I hope you might help me a bit with adding some codes:
      I am able to save cheats and export them to $PATH/db/*.psv
      However I can't use Cheats from your Database.

      I am currently trying to add some codes to Caligula Effect ( PCSG00687 ) from Borderlinez Thread:

      But inside the Plugin the Cheat List is empty.
      I transfered the files with ftp, the encoding is Windows-1252 (ANSI) LineEnd: Windows

      When I add cheats within the game ( Searching the Offsets, Start to add cheat ) the Code is saved.
      Any Help ??


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        The problem is that if you copy the cheats from here 1:1 there will mostly not recognized because of the layout in the psv file. in order for vitacheat to recognize the cheatfile the layout must be like this for example:

        # PCSD00087 Freedom Wars

        <--- 2 free spaceline (Maybe it could also be one not sure
        _V0 Never Increase Sentence
        $A100 8323F03C 0000BF00
        <- after each cheat there must be at least one spaceline
        _V0 Entitlement Points 9,999,999
        $A100 8323F0C4 0000BF00
        $A100 8323F0E4 0000BF00

        _V0 Limit Time Always Max in Battle
        $A200 83001B76 BF00BF00

        Also look if the cheats are written like this $A100 8323F0C4 0000BF00 and not like this ---> $ A100 8323F0C4 0000BF00 (There must be no space between the $ and the A.


        • Crashdummy
          Crashdummy commented
          Editing a comment
          Well Thanks :-) I'll try

          I did the Formating how it should be, but I guess the problem was the whitespace after the $

        • Crashdummy
          Crashdummy commented
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          Still doesn't work :/

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        Okay I solved the Problem, there has to be 1 Whitespace after every line! ( even with linebreak )




        • Retroboy
          Retroboy commented
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          I think its less confusing to the n00bs is if you put it like this

          # GAMEID

          _VA CHEAT NAME

          A: Put 0 to manually enable code or Put 1 to automatically enable code
          B: code type examples, 8bit 0000, 16bit 0100, 32bit 0200, activator C203
          C: offset
          D: value

          example of an activator
          $C203 00000001 00000300 (300 being L+R shoulder buttons)

          then your code.

          There are other code types but this is the very basics for those (for some reason) having problems creating PSV files.

          Or if this is too hard to manually do, simply input the cheat code using your Vita and press up on your left analogue to save the cheat file.

          You could then open your PSV file using note pad and simply copy/paste the code and change the CHEAT NAME and the CHEAT CODE and when you save make sure you save you chose to save as all file types, if you simply hit save then it will save as .TXT which won't work.

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        Can that Pointer Searcher work for finding Pointers for VitaCheat?


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          Originally posted by SHAkA View Post
          is there a tutorial on how to use the PSVITA FINALCHEAT ? how do i save code that i found in game ?
          it is like any basic tool, search for known value (ammo etc) or unkown value (health bars etc) when you get results down to 10 or less, press start to add them to your cheat list, and enable them from your cheat list by pressing square.

          if code works delete the others by pressing select then circle, to save cheat list press up and left analogue

          note most vita games use dma and its memory keeps changing so in some cases (a lot) if you turn game off and load again the code may not work.

          i always save my cheat list with all codes off, because there is a chance if the code is on while loading it can crash your game, especially if its dma code and the memory is not the same.


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            Just answered my Question about Pointer Searcher. Does not work with Vita Memory Dumps. Keeps saying the Address Value is too Large and to input a smaller Value for the Address.