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GoHANmem v3.00 beta Cheat application

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  • GoHANmem v3.00 beta Cheat application

    Onerice07 latest update to his cheat application ..
    has a english option as well .

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    going to try this now will report back soon.

    ok so trying to install according to the guide translation:
    [Install method]
    1 download
    2 unzip, copy the two files to the Psvita memory card ux0: \ plugins \ where
    3 in the game, press the arrow keys at the same time + SELECT or L + START (or use the key .txt custom pop-up button) pop-up modifier, follow the prompts
    4 in the modifier interface, click SELECT or START back to the game.

    done this, but have no idea what it means by press the arrow keys at the same time + select, what arrow keys, but also L+Start doenst bring anything up either.

    I have merged game.txt with mine to add ux0lugins/GoHANmem.suprx 1, saved and restarted console.

    edit, L + Start is working now, just not for all games, it wont work for uncharted (installed to console) wont work for unit 13 (game cart) works for MGS HD Collection (installed to console) 2013 Infected (installed to console).

    im wondering if Uncharted could be because of the MaiDump boot setting had to be changed and maybe Unit13 being a cart.

    its a little tricky getting used to the layout etc but confimed this actually works and have created my first psv cheat code

    im wondering also when the address keeps changing for the same code, would making a dump of the memory then saving it to your computer and making not of the address/value, then restart level and make code again and repeat that you could find the pointer?

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      At the moment vosman who is unreachable is thee only person that can undma codes and how he does it is a big secret .
      however you should use vpk files format instead .. mai dumps are good but they require adjusting the menu options for basically every game .where as vpk is to just download and install and play .
      with gohanmem you can backup saves for vpk files you can see that option in the main menu when you activate the cheat application at the bottom .

      moleculeshell has a known problem on it's latest update that is it doesn't install vpk files anymore and no one has done anything about that issue .
      this why i would like you to install vitashell ver 1.61 because it installs vpk files download it HERE


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        I have vita shell 1.61 installed but on sites i read i hear that vpk formats are not as good compared to mai dumps.

        i was making some codes last night but again if you turned the game off the memory changes so i need to figure a way of finding the pointer (if this is the case)


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          Yes they warn about vpk files that is because some people put malicious software in them .
          I think that vosman has created a debugger and dma pointer searcher like he did in the old psp days but won't release .
          There is program that can tell you which vpk files are good but I don't remember what it called .
          There is another cheat application called memdump but I have not tried it.
          Listen man someway or how someone will eventually figure this out and release something that can dump the memory .
          All you can do now is keep at it so you updated when that happens .
          Personally I don't use mai dump files too much option hassle. I use on occasion vpk but mostly cart.
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            i kinda prefer mai dumps because of how costly psv memory cards are, and vpk are basically rar files and you simply extract them and copy it to your psv and dont need space for both the vpk and the install, mai installs/moves the files so its better really if you have only 16gb.

            i know this app allows you to dump the game memory and im going to try use the tool i used for pc games to see if it can find pointers that work on the vita.

            heres a quick game i was working on that i need to find the actual address because it keeps changing
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              I see why you were getting crashes then that is the norm with mai dumps . Each option has it's advantages and disadvantages .
              You should check out memdump it is favoured by vosman I know .
              Been trying hard to get people to notice the vita scene on this site but no one seems interested apart from you.


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                Originally posted by Borderlinez View Post
                I see why you were getting crashes then that is the norm with mai dumps . Each option has it's advantages and disadvantages .
                You should check out memdump it is favoured by vosman I know .
                Been trying hard to get people to notice the vita scene on this site but no one seems interested apart from you.
                yea im thinking something must be off, i had killzone working the other day which used to force close and thought hmmm before i couldnt get uncharted to work but now i have and thought id try the same on killzone which wont boot at all now when it did before.

                ideally id like to get a bigger memory card so i could go down the vpk route and definately interested in helping in the cheat side once i can get to grips with it better


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                  I can garantee you that the vpk version for killzone will work. there are some trust worthy sites that have vpk that are virus free but I am not allowed to leave links about piracy here and yes you are right about fact the vpk has to either be dumped via cart to memory card or ftp into your vita and then installed which takes up double the space.but you can delete the copy after .. it is just a fail safe method sometimes a corrupted savefile can corrupt the entire game very rare but happens and having that file already as a backup is a plus

                  the ultimate advantage with vpk files are they work without any issue .

                  there are 654gb memory cards but they aren't cheap.
                  I use a 32gb at the moment .
                  Just keep at man something better is bound to turn up .and if you find new reliable information post it here too... maybe others will get interested in this .
                  this is done to get others interested more ideas better for all of us
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                    might for now then work at one game at a time and go down the vpk route.

                    i think the vita scene should be bigger, its an impressive console and its a shame really sony didnt support it as much.