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BEFORE YOU CHEAT: PS Vita Quick Start Guide

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  • BEFORE YOU CHEAT: PS Vita Quick Start Guide

    Hey guys,

    A bit of a tutorial as far as cheats plugins on PS Vita.

    Note: Not all games are compatible with the way plugins allocated memory. Plugins may conflict with an applications resource allocation allowance resulting in the application crashing at startup. Please contact your favorite plugin dev at on their respective threads/git pages to report the issue along with the dump file. The location of the dump file is shown in the crash error message.

    What is HENkaku?

    HENkaku is out current PS VIta exploit used to run unsigned code/decrypted eboots. In order to run the exploit for the first time, you must meet the following criteria"

    1. Have a PS VIta on FW 3.60
    2. Have access to a live internet connection on the VIta

    Once you meet this cirteria, head over to in your Vita browser and THIS WILL IMMEDIATELY START THE EXPLOIT

    Running the exploit

    The exploit is about 85% reliable.

    It fails more often the first time than subsequent tries.

    If the exploit is run correctly you'll see the Team Molecule logo and be instructed NOT TO PRESS ANYTHING WHILE THE EXPLOIT IS RUNNING.

    If the exploit fails you will be greeted with a browser crash/error message. If you clear the message the site will try again.

    If you fail 3 times in a row just restart and try again.

    After the exploit

    When the exploit is completed you will be returned to Vita home screen/browser app front page.

    At this point a file browser will be installed on your VIta. By pressing the Select button in this browser you will be able to activate the FTP function (update the application if prompted).

    This is you first step into L33t Haxx!ng! Congrats!

    From here you can begin to install plugins including cheat plugins (the focus of this site) among other things (not the focus of this site, don't ask here).

    Hope to see you all contributing!


    You cannot currently run the exploit on any fw above or below 3.60
    You cannot use memory editors on games that have not been dumped (legitimately installed copies). Dump your own games if you'd like to cheat on them.
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