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PCSE00865 - Sky Force Anniversary (US) NND

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  • PCSE00865 - Sky Force Anniversary (US) NND

    This is VERY weird.

    # PCSE00865
    _V0 99999 Stars-Works
    $0200 852B3864 0001869F
    _V0 Always 3 Mega Bombs-Works
    $0000 852B388C 00000003
    _V0 Always 5 Lasers-Not Working
    $0000 852B3888 00000005
    _V0 Always 5 Shields-Not Working
    $0000 852B3890 00000005
    _V0 Inf Shield Gauge-Dynamic
    $0200 85253754 410B70CE
    _V0 Inf Ship Health-Dynamic?
    $0200 8849FA30 42C80000
    Works - Not Dynamic
    Dynamic - Requires Pointer
    Not Working -
    - I found these 2 just like I did the Mega Bomb Code. But I Applied the Code.....nothing. Shields went away and Lasers went away. But here is the interesting bit,......occasionally, it would work. So these 2 are kinf of hit and miss. So might need looking into

    The Inf Ship Health might need to be looked into. But since it did not work when I did a Restart of the same Level, it makes me wonder if it is Dynamic.

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    Never mind. Codes I found were not even close to what was Posted on Speedfly. Those Codes are MUCH better.

    _V0 9999 Stars
    $B200 00000000 00000000
    $A200 00B8B740 E302170F

    The rest are like that, but due to them being VIP Codes.......not sure if I should Post them.


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      please SMOKER i need those code you PM me