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PCSF00486 Ratchet & Clank 3

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  • PCSF00486 Ratchet & Clank 3

    Created using Mia Dump, v1.0

    # PCSF00486

    _V0 Infinite/Max Health
    $0100 81A0F700 00000064
    $0200 8181653C 002F8000

    _V0 Infinite/Max Bolts
    $0200 81816508 3B9AC9FF

    _V0 Infinite Jump
    $C203 00000001 00004000
    $0200 81A0D21C FFFF0000
    $C203 00000001 00000000
    $0200 81A0D21C 00000000

    $0000 00000000 00000000

    _V0 Shock Blaster
    $0100 81A0F99C 000003E7

    _V0 Nitro Launcher
    $0100 81A0FADC 000003E7

    _V0 N60 Storm
    $0100 81A0F9BC 000003E7

    _V0 Plasma Whip
    $0100 81A0FAFC 000003E7

    $0000 00000000 00000000

    _V0 Shock Cannon
    $0200 81A0FF80 00007D00

    _V0 Nitro Eruptor
    $0200 81A100C0 00014600

    _V0 N90 Hurricain
    $0200 81A0FFA0 00003F00
    will add more later.
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    How did you find the Infinite Jump Code? I know with Normal Search or Fuzzy Search, it Scans for 8Bit-16Bit-32Bit, which shows up as
    But there are MANY Codes that have different ID Codes. Like A100, A200, or D002, D504, 8201, 8800, 8900......... . How are these determined?


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      a lot of unkown searching, basically stand idle do an unkown search, jump search for greater than, fall back down, less than and keep going.

      i havent read the PDF guide because it was way above what i know, i simply know how to find codes and use a memory editor to view whats going on.

      the other code types i dont know and havent come across needing to use them because i think the tool was leaked early and are for offsets etc that we cant do.


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        but there will also be some instances where you can see a value and think to do a known search but it brings no results, if thats the case do an unkown search because the memory may not be the value you see on screen.

        I could point to other instances where i have seen this, but to keep it on topic with the vita, Ive just added some codes for God Eater, Infinite Mission Time was not possible using a known search, when i tried i never got any results.

        So i did an unkown search and got the code:
        _V0 Infinite/Max Mission Time
        $0200 88A344D8 00001740

        This sets your mission time to 99:12 and is frozen, but the hex value for this is 1740, converts to Dec value 5952.

        So as you can see, if you did a kown search for 9912 youd get no result because the actual value was 5952.

        so a good tip, if you try searching using known value and get no results, try unkown search.

        If you still get no results try increase your range, 0x81000000 - 0x83000000 to 0x81000000 - 0x8F000000.

        Ive not had to increase above this so far, but there could be the chance.

        Its things you learn if you keep active, I did the Rewind/Fastforward/day select code for Zelda Majoras Mask on the N64/3DS from learning and using memory editors.

        youll be amazed what you can find once you figure out the pattern when making codes because theyre usually in the same area.

        _V0 Infinite/ Max Money
        $0200 8890A400 3B9AC9FF

        _V0 Infinite Health
        $0200 889048EC 43030000

        _V0 Infinite Stamina
        $0200 889048F4 42E60000

        _V0 Infinite OP
        $0200 889048F2 000042E6

        I tend to use memory editor a lot, create multiple saves and switch back n forth loading them and check the memory editor.
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          most of my search too get 0 result eheh. sometimes when i got 50 or less i checked the codes but no correct codes or game crashed ,i use gohanmen to scanblock the set on vitacheat range .bro u know how to unlocked all material?like 1 cheat all item unlocked. btw someone post on toukedin 2 items modifer
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        i will start a new game if needed, nut ive played the game and you con easily buy them and instantly upgrade


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          So basically, have to know what you are doing or know a good deal about Hex/Dec in order to find something.


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            Originally posted by Smoker1 View Post
            So basically, have to know what you are doing or know a good deal about Hex/Dec in order to find something.
            yea having some knowledge in making codes is handy or else you wont know what your looking for.

            the app converts hex/dec if you dont know it, press SQUARE to on the value field to change.

            but there will be plenty of games that cant be done because we dont have a means to location pointers, these games are the ones where you could find a code and it works, but close the game and load it up again and the code has changed.


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              UPDATED HEALTH CODE.

              Will find infinite ammo for other weapons/ upgrade weapon to ? as i unlock them.
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