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PCSE00023 - Mortal Kombat (US)

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  • PCSE00023 - Mortal Kombat (US)

    PCSE00023 - Mortal Kombat - US - V1.00 - Vitamin 2.0
    Ripped from my Game Card

    # PCSE00023

    _V1 Time at 99
    $0200 81F965BC 00000063

    _V1 1P Inf Health
    $0200 8A835934 3F800000

    _V1 X-Ray
    $0200 81F8CD4C 3F800000

    _V1 CPU No X-Ray
    $0200 81F8DB68 00000000

    _V1 CPU Takes 2x Damage
    $0200 81F8DAFC 40000000

    _V1 Auto Fatality
    $0200 81F8BA54 0000000A

    _V0 9999999 Koins
    $0200 81FBBDF8 0098967F

    _V0 Inf Fatality time by optantic
    $D002 81F96988 0000000F
    $0200 81F8BA48 0000000B
    $0200 81F949C4 00000000
    $D002 81F96988 00000000
    $0200 81F8BA48 00000000
    $0200 81F949C4 00000000
    Health Code and Infinite Fatality Time Confirmed by Eco95. Taken from the MemDump Codes -> VitaCheat/FinalCheat

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    Is anyone else having Issues with the Infinite Health Code not working anymore? Worked perfectly a number of Times, then it is no longer working. Even when it is the only Code Enabled.

    Edit: It is possible the Infinite Fatality Time Code conflicts somehow with Infinite Health. Seems after I tested that Code, that is when I could not get the Health Code to work.
    Also, these Codes work on the NoNpDRM Version.
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