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Lego Harry Potter - Years 5-7*

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  • Lego Harry Potter - Years 5-7*

    This Code has Issues. It will Show 99,999,999 Coins/Studs In-Game, but the Collection Meter will not Reflect it, and when you Complete a Level/Section, it will only Count how many you ACTUALLY Collected. So this Code needs to get looked at to figure it out. 1 other Game also has this Issue, just need to figure out which one. Thought it was Batman 2, but it just Saves and moves on to the next Level. But the Studs Level Indicator has the same thing. It wont show it at Full to reflect the Code.
    But also, Marvel's Avengers and Batman3 Studs Addresses keep Changing. So far, I have found 3 different 4 Result Address Codes.
    A lot of the other LEGO Games work though. Different Addresses, but the Values shown will give you 99,999,999 . But for a few of the LEGO Games, do NOT Open the Game with the Codes Enabled.

    LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 Code to look at
    # PSCE00057

    _V0 Coins-Studs 99,999,999
    $0200 81178554 3B9AC9FF
    $0200 813E9530 3B9AC9FF

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    when you posting codes for a game make sure you put the game id first then the name of the game , method ; if it was mai dump , cartridge or vpk or nonpdrm so people know .if the addresses is causing a freeze at start then the codes are dma .


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      Oh, OK. Will do.
      So the Codes are a Dynamic Address? OK. Well for Harry Potter, the Code stays the same, but it it is not fully locked in. I can Change the Amount In-Game, but it will not Register when everything is counted.

      PROPER Code

      # PCSE00067 
      _V0 999,999,999 Studs
      $0200 8117C450 05F5E0FF
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