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    Wakka Fights in 500 Battles (credit rebel)
    20003D54 F4010000

    This code works (unlike the one that had been posted: 100058AC 0000F401). Use it once you are able to play Blitzball and you can get Wakka's Status Reels, Auroch Reels and Jupiter Sigil early on without having to actually grind 450 battles.

    Won 999 Blitzball Games (credit rebel)
    10001792 0000E703

    Use this code to quickly raise your Team Level to get your scout ability to max.

    Blitzball Current EXP 8500 (Aurochs) (credit rebel)
    10001794 00003421
    10001796 00003421
    10001798 00003421
    1000179A 00003421
    1000179C 00003421
    1000179E 00003421
    100017A0 00003421

    I use this code with the level code (I use level 30 to start so I don't run into problems with too many tech slots). This allows you to quickly level up while still staying a step ahead of the other teams (as you raise levels the other teams raise levels to keep up with you). Once you're at level 99 of course the other teams will catch up with you.

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