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  • PS4 Debugger

    soon we will have a better hacks for ps4
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    That's not bad at all. He even has breakpoints on read or write, which seems to be the same thing I see missing over and over most of the time people mention a debugger. At the same time he's doing the online part of call of duty ghosts that isn't extinction.
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      this is an test version
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        this is ps4 cheater with debugger in 1!
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          And you can find all my availables Cheats.Fpkgs for PS4 here :

          ALL IS FREE. You not need to pay!!!
          Follow carefuly the "Pastebin Info & tuto" link for remarried a fpkg with your game base v1.00 and all others importants infos

          5 months of work since until now and all is shared for free and for all and it continue!!!
          But don't stolen that.
          It happened too often with my PS3 list. The last one is "Cleber50000" Moderator on "RG" and staff people do not want to do anything....Great respect!....Is just similar as they say!
          (Yeah on more then 100 titles passed )

          Have a nice day at all and enjoy!

          Other subject :
          Hi Bungholio!
          How is it going ?
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