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Question about target manager and PS3 debugger

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  • Question about target manager and PS3 debugger

    I'm having a problem attaching the debugger with target manager. Target manager is connected, I have the debug eboot.bin in game folder, load game with no errors or black screen open up ps3 debugger no process in kernel explorer. Been trying to get this to work for a day now with no leads. Anyone got anything to help me out. Wish this was like the olden days with ps2 hacking lol

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    What game is it exactly? There are those special few PS3 games where they put annoying stuff in place to prevent us from connecting with the debugger. Are you using the latest version of rebug? Also, which version of ProDG are you using? There's 3.55, 4.20, and 4.70 out there.


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      I was going to hack medal of honor frontline. its bonus content from medal of honor limited edition. had to install medal of honor on my hdd. i got 4.81.2 dex rebug installed. prodg is 420.1.15.3


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        You have debug eboot/self for MOH or Frontline?


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          yes, i pulled it from the game folder with flashfxp. used trueancestor self resigner to decrypt the eboot.bin to eboot.elf then convert it back to eboot.bin with make_fself. put it back to game folder with flashfxp.


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            Originally posted by Azagthoth View Post
            then convert it back to eboot.bin with make_fself
            That may be your culprit right there. Odds are what you are replacing is in the HDD0:\\game\ folder PS3s normally use for PSN games and game update files and not the HDD0:\\GAMES\ folder that backup things like multiman make. If so, you need make_fself_npdrm.exe instead. If you are on rebug, it has a hit or miss problem with things signed with the various versions of make_fself_npdrm.exe working so I usually enable Cobra mode with the rebug toolbox to get them working.


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              i tried something different and got to go into debugger but now the game is freezing once i attach the process. i decrypted the eboot.bin to eboot.elf then i resigned to ndrm-eboot then used make_fself_npdrm.exe to convert it back to eboot.bin. now trying to get the debugger to stop freezing.

              I got it to work, now onto breakpoints.