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Best Cheat Tool To Apply Codes Using CCAPI

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  • Best Cheat Tool To Apply Codes Using CCAPI

    Hi Guy,

    I used to have CCCHEATER on my old laptop which I compiled my own cheat list so it only had the games I had, but that laptop died and I never made a backup.

    I did find that CCCHEATER was sometimes annoying and couldnt handle certain code types.

    But I am wondering, what is the best cheat tool out there that applies codes using CCAPI.


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    Try NetCheat.
    NetCheat accept all the codes. (Memory, Offset and PS3Usercheat begin by 6 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx)
    Work on CCAPI, PS3MAPI, TMAPI...etc.


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      ill have to try find it, the other day i did test netcheat but it wouldnt run on my new laptop (win10)


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        Im on Windows 10 with NetCheat v4.53 and all work fine in TMAPI (BEST) and CCAPI when you change the "CCAPI.dll" file in NetCheat.

        In CCAPI :
        1. Change the "CCAPI-NCAPI.dll" file in netcheat for have the last version (v2.70 r6) :
        "NetCheat v4.53\APIs\CCAPI 2.60\ "

        For find the "dll", after you have installed CCAPI on your PC, go here :
        "C:\Program Files (x86)\ControlConsoleAPI"

        and take the "CCAPI.dll" file. Copy/paste it in :
        "NetCheat v4.53\APIs\CCAPI 2.60\ "

        and rename it in "CCAPI-NCAPI.dll".

        2. Install CCAPI v2.70.pkg in your PS3 and activate it

        3. Launch CCAPI program in your PC

        4. Launch Netcheat v4.53 in your PC and select "APIs"

        5. Double clic on "Control Console API (2.60)

        6. Launch your game in your PS3

        7. In NetCheat v4.53 click on "Connect" (The RED square pass into YELLOW)

        8. Click "Attach" (The YELLOW square pass into GREEN)

        9. Enter your codes in the "Codes" section

        10. When the codes is added, check the white box (Constant Write)

        PS : TMAPI is most powerful but most complicated.
        I use TMAPI but for just using codes, you just need CCAPI or PS3MAPI.....(Or any you prefer).

        Oh and just for using code, you can use "Artemis". Its a "Gameshark/Action Replay/Xploder" like or...
        you can simply use my "Cheats.Pkgs" if you click HERE

        Have a nice day dear friend.
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          Thanks for the info above, will sort it tonight.

          If i remember correctly NetCheat lets users scan for codes, might invest in spending some time on this


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            Exactly! You can find your own codes with Netcheat but in TMAPI on DEX CFW because CCAPI its very very too slow for that.
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              thanks, i was able to find an english download link and it works.

              is Netcheat better for codes that use activators such as press L1 to turn on/ L2 to turn off because i know CCCheater couldnt handle these code types.

              Also i couldnt really find a basic guide for the code search part, the part im questioning is what is best to set the start/finish memory region when searching, i think default its set to 00010000 / 00020000.

              I was thinking last night to start off on a simple game, one that i have made plenty of codes for on the PC, and uses a basic formula like the rest of the games.. Resident Evil 5.


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                Go (In Netcheat) to "Range" window and click "Find Range"
                After you have the list, Choose your memory Start and your memory end for your research and copy/paste it
                into the "Search" window. That it.


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                  Thanks, ill give it a try, might put dex on the ps3 as you said this search seems to be taking a very long time lol