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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 BLES00546 BLUS30294 v01.00 v01.02

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  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 BLES00546 BLUS30294 v01.00 v01.02

    hey there fellow cmp hackers im playing this game and it seems these codes dosnt work

    Heros Infinite Health

    0 002E83D0 60000000

    Heros Infinite Power

    0 002E840C 60000000

    anyone please take a look at them see if you can work them out and give feedback please

    ps. im on latest CFW tried these cheats without update 01.2 it frezzes game

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    I'd be lost on that 1. I don't have the game so nothing I could really do to investigate. I was going to suggest trying it without the update but if it freezes without the update that's a sign that it's not for the normal disk version. Do the codes even do anything on the update? Do they freeze the game or does it seems like normal as if the codes aren't on?
    July 7, 2019


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      without the update i load last checkpoint i pause the game hit the ps button activate the codes with start button i unpause the game it freezes instantly

      with the update codes seems not working i still get killed and powers depletes on use


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        i tried puting the codes on constant write nothing eathier


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          I just checked the files, those 2 codes are for 01.00. av01.02 has jgduff's codes. Those 01.00 codes are from CodeUnique, and back at that time we could never really guess which version of the game the codes are for, so no surprise there when they crash. Jgduff's codes are a bit sloppy using r2 for a value, but you might want to try his 3 codes that have "ASM" in the title. 1 should make you super powerful so you can't be defeated, another does points, and the 3rd affects ability points. Try those instead.
          July 7, 2019


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            yah i those worked fine beated the game with them multiple times but i was hoping for a work around for the inf health & power codes as they,ll make the game more playble anyway thnx for the feedback bung keep hackin lol ,)