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Metal Gear Rising Revengeance BLUS31045 1.04

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  • Metal Gear Rising Revengeance BLUS31045 1.04

    Metal Gear Rising Revengeance BLUS31045 code for 1.04

    S RANK

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    The invincibility code always causes you to have no damage. There's a code for 00:00:00 battle time. There's multipliers for kills, zan-whateveritwascalled-tsu, combos, and whatever else is on that screen basically guaranteeing an S Rank. I'm still testing to make sure things are actually working and not just giving me fake displays.

    Also working on an items code. At this point I can trick the game into thinking I've picked up an item if there are items in the area that can be picked up, and from there I can make it give me any of the other items. I just need to find a way to make it give me all of those items. From even messing with it, I can pick up empty Data Storage or Left Arms and stuff, even though I don't seem to see a counter of any kind appearing for left arms so those parts of it might be junk.

    I still need to unlock the wigs and other things to mess with too in order to see how they work to see if I can just have them unlocked from the start.

    This is all taking a lot longer than I was expecting, especially with 5 work days that take about 10-11 hours of my time every day. I haven't even had much time to help GuitarMan with Resident Evil 6 like I was expecting to be doing by Monday, and right now it's 10:35 PM on Thursday and time to sleep. I still even need to just go back and fix things for Resident Evil 6 too, been intending to do that for months now.
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