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    Okay, Will test this right away. I think I saw what you were saying and where my error was. The 00CE4F10 48994279 was there but it was at the 489B4411 part. You have a good eye at this stuff, because I was blind as a bat. I have entered the codes and will test it out.

    Edit 1-28-18

    I have tested the Button Enable Code with The Jump In Air and Toggle L3 To Have Enemies Ignore you and after much ups and downs, The codes work 100% fine!!!

    Thank You bungholio for all your hard work and effort with this!!!
    I truly never thought that there would ever be new codes for this game. I'm glad that isn't the case amymore ^^

    Okay so I'll explain what each does and if there are complications when using the codes. The only thing I seem to notice with Toggle L3 is you have to press it once and only once. If you press it before a fight segment for example where the enemy is SUPPOSED to see you in the beginning of Chapter 01 it wont freeze. If there is a sequence coming up where you CAN stealth kill the enemies, if you haven't pressed L3 a second time then your system won't freeze. I realized that was conflicting in the alert system within the game. You have to keep in mind that blindly pressing L3 a number of times is basically true or false with the game. Other than that the Toggle L3 works amazing!!

    Jumping around just makes this more introvert. Simply put You can just stealth kill anyone in the game now (With Toggle L3 active or jump high up in the air and press circle when icon appears.) You can explore the maps and get out of bounds during fights or whenever you feel like with it. While exploring the maps, if you go too far away or fall too far down, the game will begin to show a lot of texture glitches that bothers your eyes. You can easily lose your way due to the intense lighting emitting from the backgrounds within the game when far away in an out-of-bounds area. Know your way back or just pause and restart from checkpoint.

    The invincibility works like a charm!! I stand with my original posts about invincibility from THIS and in the CODE VAULT post
    Mainly at Chapter 00 when fighting Jetstream Sam, disable it to continue to next segment or checkpoint because you're supposed to get hit. All attacks still go through me, enemies can't grab me, bullets and enemy projectiles, nothing will hit you.
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