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ratchet & Clank 2 hd ps3 help

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  • ratchet & Clank 2 hd ps3 help

    none of the two codes work


    Memory Infinite Ammo All Guns
    0 j
    0 014818A4 0000012C#

    ASM Infinite Ammo All Guns
    0 000A1F74 7C86192E /*Aranos*/ 0 0010646C 7C86512E /*Oozla*/ 0 001C395C 7C86812E /*Joba*/ 0 00247024 7C86812E /*Todano*/ 0 0028EC84 7C86812E /*Boldan*/ 0 00323A4C 7C86192E /*Aranos 2*/ 0 003BF904 7C86192E /*Snivelak*/ 0 003F8994 7C86192E /*Smolg*/ 0 00441144 7C86192E /*Damosel*/ 0 004C1BEC 7C86192E /*Grelbin*/ 0 00522CAC 7C86512E /*Station Maktar*/ 0 00542BB4 7C86192E /*Yeedil*/ 0 0067DF3C 7C86812E /*Endako*/ 0 00764334 7C86812E /*Barlow*/ 0 00867C54 7C86812E /*Notak*/ 0 00918FEC 7C86812E /*Syberius*/ 0 0098D12C 7C86812E /*Tabora*/ 0 009DA1FC 7C86812E /*Dobbo*/ 0 00A9C7D4 7C86812E /*Jamming Array*/ #
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    That formatting looks a whole lot broken, but that's likely just from copying and pasting here and it somehow doing that.

    But that's one of those jgduff1 codes, and I can tell instantly from looking at multiple codes he had that he wasn't sure what he was doing.
    There's a chance the memory code doesn't work because the location in memory for a weapon's ammo might change from something as simple as restarting the game.
    As for the ASM codes, I'm also not entirely certain. They look like "stwx" operations that maybe instead required the value 60000000 for each line, but I'm guessing without owning the game.

    Do the codes have any kind of effect on ammo or weapons? Or even the displayed values? I remember messing with the normal Ratchet And Clank games on the PS3 and from what I remember, they were all float values instead of normal integers like these codes would suggest they are, but that's still just me guessing because I don't know if they did them as floats on the PS2 versions because that's maybe 10 years ago since I did anything with those, and I was far dumber back then.

    Considering the codes are all separate for each different level, you might need to activate the code once every time you start a level. A similar odd thing happened when R&C Size Matters was ported to the PS2 from the PSP and I remember Azagthoth and others having a difficult time with the game because they basically had to make individual ASM codes for every individual level.
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      If this game was ported from ps2 version then the memory addresses are static and dont move. the asm ammo for all weapons do move for each level.