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    I was sure there were already codes made for this game but maybe I am being blind and cant find them.

    If there not on here, could any one post or make codes please.

    The ones i tried using Netcheat seem to make the game hang.

    Infinite Health, im sure someone on here did one after finding on the PC nothing could kill you such as beheading?
    Infinite Ammo
    Infinite Brain Juice (if thats what the upgrade thing is called)
    Enemies cant see you
    That guy cant attack you (sure it was on one or two of the missions)


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    There's all kinds of versions. 01.00, 01.01, 01.03, 01.05, and possibly more. What is your App Version? I remember there were issues with codes, but from what I remember dron_3's codes seemed to work fine without bugs.
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      Here try these !
      The Evil Within - (NPEB01797/BLES01916) Update 1.01

      Hacked by dron_3
      God Mode
      OGP 686300014E800020F821FF717C0802A6F80100A0FBA10078
      COP 386000014E800020F821FF717C0802A6F80100A0FBA10078

      Infinite Ammo
      OGP 4082005080630004
      COP 4800005080630004

      Hacked by Ammar-A1
      (Max brain upgrade points / Syringe / Medical kit / parts ) :

      on gain (99/999/99999999) :

      on use (99/999/99999999) :

      NetCheat :
      0 0049FF34 911F0008
      0 0049FF94 911F0008
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        Hacked by dron_3
        Infinite Ammo
        004A9F8C 48000050

        Max Upgrade Points on spend
        0047E6F4 80830004
        0047E6F8 80840170

        Max Items on spend
        004A3368 809F0004
        004A3370 80840170

        Max Items on gain
        004A3E80 80840004
        004A3E84 80840170

        Hacked by tekman
        Infinite Ammo+No Reload
        004A9FAC 30850063

        Infinite+Max Keys on Use
        004A6CB8 30850063

        Hacked by Ammar-A1
        Max Upgrade Points on Gain/Buy
        004A6CBC 911F0008
        004A6D1C 911F0008

        Hacked by FBML
        Infinite Sprint Stamina
        004368F8 60000000

        Max & infinite health (visual)
        002FE7B0 60000000

        Hacked by xtatu
        God Mode
        0041AA48 60640000
        0041AA4C 3C80020B
        0041AA50 886361BC
        0041AA54 308422D8
        0041AA58 5463D7FE
        0041AA5C 80840020
        0041AA60 7C632378
        0041AA64 7C630034
        0041AA68 5463DFFE
        0041AA6C 38600001
        0041AA70 4E800020


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          Thanks guys, I will test these because the ones i had crash the game.

          and i had a downloaded copy of the game which codes worked but i decided to buy the game on disc and they dont lol


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            sorry for the late reply, but maybe something is wrong with my netcheat but i am trying these on retail version 1.05 and nothing seems to work.

            is the above format correct for NC?


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              ive managed to get the working for v1.01, had to uninstall NC and reinstall and now they work.

              only problem ive noticed is that on CH5 it forces the game back to main menu.

              I have uninstalled the game, reinstalled, installed official 1.01 update, dont use NC and it still does the same.

              Wondering have any of the codes perminantly saved to the game and causes it to do this, i notice on this CH that the frame rate is low and looks jerky.


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                Hey I tested the codes on the assignment dlc and didn't work im on bles1916 update 1.05 im wondering if there some codes for the dlc now I only tested god mode inf sprint ill see if other codes work