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  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Multiplayer

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
    Region: BLES00922 or BLUS30521

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    For multiplayer ???
    Really ???
    I don't think that you'll find any hacker here
    that will actually give you codes in order to cheat against other players.
    Multicheating sucks, m8.
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      I was kind of assuming this was some kind of bait or something and ignored it at first. It's online, either get good at it or stop playing it, don't ruin it for legit players with legit skill because you're tired of losing or whatever. I doubt you'll find anybody here who'd ever bother with an online request. I doubt you'd use them consensually, it wouldn't make sense for everybody to be invincible. The online stuff is more of a thing for any site other than this one. You'd fit right in at nextgenupdate and rivalgamer, online wrecking balls are more of their kind of things.
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        Originally posted by Ghost9
        Any kind of modding offline or online is still ruining the game and I like the way you guys are against cheating online when I have seen a lot of codes here made for online lol It makes no sense but okay...then find codes for Ghost recon offline then. I don't use mods to get better in games, I play for fun with friends.
        I made Debug EBOOT yesterday and I found some offsets but I wanted someone who knows how to get wallhack/UAV etc, you could find that kind of shit in ida.
        Can't I get help only to get no recoil and max rank? plz. everything else is just ideas.. or teach me how to find these things.
        Do you understand what people mean when they say "ruin online"? The only person you can really ruin offline for is yourself, and since it's your choice that doesn't affect other players, there's not much reason to care. Now ruining online is different because you can go online with an unagreed upon thing where you're intentionally ruining other peoples' game, possibly because you're annoyed at how many times others have beaten you at the game or you've dealt with annoying cheaters and want to even the playing field or whatever.

        The difference is if you took a hammer and hit yourself in the head, you did it to yourself like singleplayer and anything ruined you did to yourself. If you took that hammer and went around hitting other people and they couldn't do anything back to you, then it's like multiplayer where you're getting beat but want to revenge cheat or whatever and you're just ruining it for anybody who isn't cheating. Nobody likes online cheaters for a reason.

        Singleplayer is you fighting CPU opponents. Online is possibly the same but the majority of games are online versus so it's more than likely you cheating against other people instead of a mindless CPU controlled opponent with no thoughts or feelings. I suppose some offline games have online scoring, but that's boring stats that can usually be modified in save files and aren't as interesting as 1 hit killing a helpless CPU boss with a sneeze compared to pressing a button and everybody online dies because somebody's dropping unlimited nukes.

        If people are beating you, keep playing until you're good or do something else with your time. All we're really doing with games is wasting our lives unless you're planning to get very good and go to some tournaments and win some money, but cheats aren't going to help you there.

        We don't make codes for online, even though it doesn't help my argument that some people post codes for the latest updates that can be used online. I also don't really see many codes made specifically for online either. I haven't seen anything here where you've got a multi-executable game with separate files for singleplayer and online where people only modified the online files. The times where I've seen videos of people using cheats online never end up good. It's either everybody getting bored because they all have unlimited ammo and health and stuff and there's nothing for them to do because they can't kill each other, or else it's 1 troll harassing everybody because they have nothing better to do than ruin other peoples' joy.

        About the only time I've made codes specifically for online was the stuff I threw in the database for Call Of Duty Ghosts, but those codes only give you alien teeth, money, and skill points. Even if somebody went online and used those, Extinction is cooperative online without competition so not much can happen beyond somebody getting some better upgrades and weapons sooner than their teammates. Other than that, I either leave things out or make them work in a certain way where people can't just effortlessly port them to the latest update and hop online and wreck things like I did with those 3 Dark Souls codes or Crysis 3. There's definitely games I never released codes for because 1 person could have ported them to online and then there'd be even worse stuff online than there already is if there is any at all for certain games.

        EDIT: I don't know why I said that, there are many people that play without infinite health because it's boring with it on. It's still interesting and just nice to have a few basic modifications to games with just unlimited ammo/grenades/money/unlockable things with modifications or whatever stuff. Just make sure everyone gets the cheats applied the same way to them. There were a lot of interesting online servers on CoD BO2 when the PS3 was hacked, they made it less boring with low gravity, fast walking and all kinds of interesting things. They somehow need a flag of some sort like movie sites having boxes to select things you are looking for like comedy/drama/horror/mystery/suspense. Servers with a checkbox for [] "Allow Cheating" even though that somehow seems impossible. Some games have multiple copies of the eboot with a different key, you'd think they could have it read an undecrypted BOOT.ELF and allow modifications to be applied. People who choose to only use the EBOOT.BIN/online.self or other thing like that won't allow connecting to games flagged to [] "Allow Cheating". Server load balancing & filters. My brain is dead, going to sleep.
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          All I could really offer is the tutorials in my signature. You'd need to set your console to DEX, find a copy of ProDG somewhere or use oct0xor's plugins with IDA, and use a CFW that can connect to the debugger on your PC.

          I don't know how people find codes to see others through walls, that's beyond me.

          I've only ever found recoil codes by accident or with them being next to ammo or somewhere within the same functions that usually give me invincibility. I found it using the circle crosshair in the middle of the screen in The Last Of Us. In Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City and the Ratchet & Clank games I found it by finding the ammo in my clip, and then finding the table where it has the limits of how much ammo I can have in a clip along with max reserve ammo I can carry, and it was right next to them along with other weapon properties like how fast you can fire (rapid fire), how long reload takes (instant reload even though it's almost the same as unlimited ammo in the clip), how much damage a shot does (1 hit kill anything including yourself possibly), explosion range (hit everything everywhere with each shot), distance the rounds of the weapon can travel (the weapon rounds always go until they hit something giving you unlimited shot range) and whatever else.

          Invincibility is always a case of finding your health, then the line of code that saves your decreased health, and then the functions that go to the function that decreases your health, and that can also lead you to finding codes for recoil and preventing enemy attacks from making you flinch along with possibly finding codes to allow yourself to hit enemies from anywhere even if you aren't near them.

          When I did Call Of Duty Ghosts, many things went through the same annoying function for writing values which required me to write big stupid functions to get small effects like a turret never overheating or unlimited usages of flares/turrets/other various things you can throw or set or use, and I'd assume it's just as annoying on any other CoD game.
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