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  • The Orange Box BLES00153

    Hello !

    Just wanted to request some cheats for this really old game
    mainly for half life episode 1 & 2 and portal if possible !

    Version 1.00

    Infinite Health
    Infinite Ammunition

    If anyone has time , preferably for eboot editing !
    Advanced thanks
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    Does anyone have time to take a look at making some codes for this really old but amazing game ?


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      I would love to get codes for this old game, It's just for the passed 8 years, somehow I have never once seen this in game stores or anything for any reason. That still weirds me out how I've looked for it every time and found it not once when there's only been every game on Earth and more in the stores around me. I'd really be stuck with the download route or something to get this.
      July 7, 2019