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    I have BCUS98164 Version 01.00 App Version 01.00. For the debug menu, 99% credit to for finding it, I just made an eboot code out of it.

    Enable Debug Menu And Playable Demo Mode
    0 00547B6C 38600001
    SET OGP=6000000038000001EB21007898780000
    SET COP=3860000138000001EB21007898780000
    I believe that once the game reaches this line of code each time it still has the first or last 8 letters left over in r10 of what the game was checking through to determine what to enable or disable if you wanted to write something simple to check text and enable stuff in the sdat or possibly other files from just the eboot.

    Enable Debug Menu
    0 000C7F98 38000001
    0 000C7FA0 98090000
    SET OGP=812280E4FFE00890880900002F800000419E0258
    SET COP=812280E4FFE00890386000012F80000098780000
    Press L3 any time and anywhere to instantly enter and exit the Debug QA Menu.

    QA Menu - Global
    Font zoom factor = 3 choices of font size in all 4 menus.
    Pause = Pauses screen without start menu and is in all menus.
    Cheat Mode = Auto completes button sequences so you always do perfect.
    Difficulty = Same thing you can change in the options menu.
    Framelock 0 = Exactly the same as Pause, they work together.
    The other framelocks slow the game speed down.

    Free Camera = Control the game camera, go through characters and walls and is also in the Animations menu.
    Various button controls:
    L3 = Move camera forward, backward, strafe left and right.
    R3 = Rotate camera up, down, left and right.
    Up = Move camera upwards.
    Down = Move camera downwards.
    Left = Rotate camera counter-clockwise.
    Right = Rotate camera clockwise.
    Triangle = Change camera to face your character no matter where you are.
    O = Reset camera settings to remove rotation and zoom and face forward at a perfectly level 180 degree angle.
    X = Hold while doing anything else to increase speed of what you are doing. You can move and zoom and everything quicker.
    Square = Unknown if it does anything, I did not notice if it affects anything while pressing or holding it in different situations.
    L2 = Zoom camera out.
    L1 = Zoom camera in.
    R2 = Decrease speed of controls.
    R1 = Increase speed of controls.

    Take screenshot = Create a .tga file and place in /USRDIR/ of the game.

    QA Menu - Dialogs
    Change subtitle language = ENG, GER, ITA, SPA, HOL, POR, SWE, DAN, NOR, FIN, RUS, POL, JAP, KOR, CHI, FRA.
    Change audio language = Same choices of ENG, GER, ITA, SPA, HOL, POR, SWE, DAN, NOR, FIN, RUS, POL, JAP, KOR, CHI, FRA.
    Display dialogs IDs = All I see on screen are the current volumes with possibly a part going below the screen that I can not see.

    QA Menu - Animations
    Character = Game names of various characters and items that you can use left and right to go through, and if they are present it will show animation data.
    Camera selection = Makes a green crosshair appear and if you aim at your character then Character will change to you character game name and show animation data, but I cannot get it to show me anything other than the character I control.
    Was hoping for a character modifier or something to mess with animations.

    QA Menu - Load Savegames
    Delete Current slot saves = Deletes all of your saves, so all save choices will vanish if you use this.
    Incremental Checkpoints Active = It is normally false so I thought it would prevent save points during levels, but it did not. I never tested if true does, I assumed it was maybe to disable auto-save.
    AutoNext = Every 15 seconds it will skip to the next level and the timer can not be stopped. You can easy unlock all levels with this, and every level unlocked appears below this option so you can go to them and press X to skip directly to certain parts of the game.

    Save list if you skip through the game from start to finish
    0601SEARCHLAUREN = Scott
    0602MEETLAUREN = Scott
    0901SCHRINK = Ethan
    1001THEPARK = Ethan
    1003WHEREAMI = Ethan
    1004BACKTOPARK = Ethan
    1005BACKHOMEPANIC = Ethan
    1101POLICESTATION = Norman
    1201HOLDUP = Scott
    1301NIGHTMARE = Madison
    1401LEAVINGHOME = Ethan
    1501STATION = Ethan
    1601ETHANMOTEL = Ethan
    1701KICKOFF = Norman
    1801SUICIDE = Scott
    1901BEARTRIALVIDEO = Ethan
    2001MEETMADATMOTEL = Madison
    2101KORDACHASE = Norman
    2201LAURENBACK = Scott
    2301KRAMERPARTY = Scott
    2401BUTTERFLYTRIAL = Ethan
    2501THENURSE = Madison
    2601POLICENEWS = Norman
    2701DUPREINTERVIEW = Norman
    2702FINDETHAN = Norman
    3001FUGITIVELIZARD = Norman
    3002FUGITIVESUBWAY = Madison
    3301MANFRED = Scott
    3501CONFRONTATION = Scott
    3702MEETTHEDOC = Madison
    3801MADJACK = Norman
    3901EUREKA = Scott
    4001CEMETERY = Scott
    4002FLASHBACK = Scott
    4003BACKTOCEMETERY = Scott
    4101MADATBLACKLAGOON = Madison
    4301ESCAPEMOTEL = Ethan
    4401TRAPPED = Scott
    4402LAKE = Scott
    4501FACETOFACE = Scott
    4601HOSPITAL = Madison
    4701RATTRIALPOISON = Ethan
    5001SOLVINGHAGMAN = Ethan
    4801SOLVINGPUZZLE = Norman
    4901GOODBYELAUREN = Scott
    4902FLASHBACKFINAL = Scott
    4903BADSHELBY = Scott
    CP-4903BADSHELBY-SAVE1 = Scott
    5101KILLERSPLACE = Madison

    Disable AutoNext Auto-Continue
    0 002BDA60 EDAD6828
    0 002BDA68 EC000028
    0 002BDA80 D01F0074
    SET OGP=C1BF0078812B0000C0090020EDAD0028FF8DF800D1BF00 784FDCF382409EFE3CC01F0074
    SET COP=EDAD6828812B0000EC000028EDAD0028FF8DF800D1BF00784FDCF382409EFE3CD01F0074
    If you want to actually control when to skip to the next area, this will change the behavior so it only happens when you press X and it does not automatically restart at 15 seconds and keep counting down.
    If you wanted to just change the amount of time it waits before skipping, 00303B74 D0030078 is where the 15 seconds gets set.

    Various junk:
    004E436C, r5 + r30 = button start
    004E4380, r29 = button
    00 = ^
    01 = \/
    02 = >
    03 = <
    04 = X
    05 = O
    06 = []
    07 = Triangle
    08 = R1
    09 = L1
    0A = R2
    0B = L2
    0C = Start
    0D = R3
    0E = L3
    0F = Select
    0 00B162A4 3C600149
    0 00B162A8 90A3F000
    0 00B162AC 48000020
    0 00B162CC 38800000
    0 00B162D0 B083F004
    0 00B162D4 4E800020
    0 004E436C 48B162A7
    0 00B162F8 801E0000
    0 00B162FC 2B800000
    0 00B16300 419E0058
    0 00B16304 48000020
    0 00B16324 7C00E830
    0 00B16328 3D20014C
    0 00B1632C A3E9F004
    0 00B16330 48000020
    0 00B16350 7C1FFB78
    0 00B16354 B3E9F004
    0 00B16358 4E800020
    0 004E4380 48B162FB
    0001 = ^
    0002 = \/
    0004 = >
    0008 = <
    0010 = X
    0020 = O
    0040 = []
    0080 = Triangle
    0100 = R1
    0200 = L1
    0400 = R2
    0800 = L2
    1000 = Start
    2000 = R3
    4000 = L3
    8000 = Select
    I didn't actually use it for anything, but it will dump the beginning of the buttons at address 0148F000 and the buttons changed to 16 bits at 0148F004 if you need it, I had plans but never ended up using it.

    009D59E0 4BF52165
      00927B80 7C0901CE paused this is it, affects many things though
    00927E44 7C0401CE does nothing when deleted
    008E5DD4 7D48E8CE no
    009D5188 7C0B00CE no
    008C1FF4 7DBB38CE yes
    008FAFAC 7D89A8CE no
    00917E00 7D8848CE yes
    0088B54C C0030004 yes
    "No" means it read more things than just Ethan during the Prologue, "yes" means it consistently only read Ethan's position so if needed you could do what I usually do and use one of these "yes"es to dump your character's current position and the 1 line that constantly writes to it combined with the buttons above to make a button-controlled position modifier if needed, or find the camera position and use it to control where to place characters in Free Camera Mode.

    0 0025DB34 38600001 (default 60000000) = Failed buttons still execute as if done correctly, some scenes are skipped, and others are repeatable.

    I'm not certain if I'll find more, not much needed since this is like an interactive movie.
    July 7, 2019