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Artemis Code Database Update

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  • Artemis Code Database Update

    This kind of fits here and kind of doesn't quite fit here. I've updated the old databases that started as CodeUnique that eventually just became NetCheat and PS3EMPM format and it is now Artemis Format which is identical to Netcheat with the exception of the [Z][/Z] thing I was using that NetCheat doesn't have. I threw all previous versions in with it because games and updates somehow randomly vanish and I can't figure out how. - January 22, 2017
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    Thank you.


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      Hey Bungholio, do you need a debug eboot for Artemis to work?


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        I didn't use debug eboots, but I only did a bit of testing with it.


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          Thank you very much.


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            I've updated the database again, but I'm still working on it.
            I'm trying to get very specific update info for any games that I can.
            I'm trying to put the Version, App Version, and Target Version in each title as I find the correct ones by digging through packages from various sites. It's slow and agonizing.
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              excellent work Bungholio, I installed this the other day and think it is excellent, mile better than having to have my laptop connected, now i can just select the cheats and away we go.

              do you have contact with the DEV team?

              It would be cool if users could edit the lists, ive found some codes either dont work or cause bugs.

              Recently i've been playing RE4 and noticed one of the codes (not sure which one yet) prevents Ashley from following you, so it would be cool once i found which code it was (im guessing its the enemies cant grab or leon takes no damage inc chainsaw attacks) that i could delete it without having to edit the list then copy back to the console.,